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2SD1933 Micro Commercial Components NPN Silicon Power Transistor Original
2SD1933 ROHM Power Transistor (-80V, -4A) Original
2SD1933 Various Russian Datasheets Transistor Original
2SD1933 N/A Japanese Transistor Cross References (2S) Scan
2SD1933 N/A The Transistor Manual (Japanese) 1993 Scan
2SD1933 N/A Transistor Substitution Data Book 1993 Scan
2SD1933 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
2SD1933 N/A Shortform Data and Cross References (Misc Datasheets) Scan
2SD1933 ROHM TO-220, TO-220FP, TO-220FN, HRT Transistors Scan
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Abstract: SavantIC Semiconductor Product Specification 2SD1933 Silicon NPN Power Transistors DESCRIPTION ·With TO-220Fa package ·DARLINGTON ·Complement to type 2SB1342 ·High DC current gain APPLICATIONS ·Low frequency power amplification PINNING PIN DESCRIPTION 1 Base 2 Collector , Specification 2SD1933 Silicon NPN Power Transistors CHARACTERISTICS Tj=25 unless otherwise , Transistors PACKAGE OUTLINE Fig.2 Outline dimensions (unindicated tolerance: ±0.15 mm) 3 2SD1933 -
Abstract: Inchange Semiconductor Product Specification 2SD1933 Silicon NPN Power Transistors DESCRIPTION ·With TO-220Fa package ·DARLINGTON ·Complement to type 2SB1342 ·High DC current gain APPLICATIONS ·Low frequency power amplification PINNING PIN DESCRIPTION 1 Base 2 Collector , Specification 2SD1933 Silicon NPN Power Transistors CHARACTERISTICS Tj=25 unless otherwise specified , 10000 Inchange Semiconductor Product Specification 2SD1933 Silicon NPN Power Transistors -
Abstract: MITSUBISHI - A ROHM 2SD1933 2SD965 2SD1435 , B 0 S B B B fô 0 ÏI Al 9ÎTM 1 Qfl 2SD985 2SD1314 2SD1314 2SD1314 2SD1933 2SD1933 -
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2SD1512 2SD1190 2SC3495 2SD1246 2SD1414 2SC2459 TE 1539 2SC4008 2sc2233 2SD1586 2SD1539 2SD1601 2SD1510 2SD1511 2SD1513 2SD1514 2SD1516
Abstract: h "7 > y ^ ^ / T ransistors 2SD1933 2SD1933 1) 2) ? - 'J > h > t i i S 6 T 'h F E 'c X t i ^ d f - y ^ u y U - ^ N P N y 'J Z l> Epitaxial Planar NPN Silicon Transistor (Darlington) ffiJii&SlfriSfSffl/Low Freq. Power Amp. 1^ U fi^ jiE I/D in ie n s io n s (Unit : mm) ? > / < - ? < * - K r tlK o , Characteristic Curves i± : 0 ) ttth f& m iW ? 2mm s « - a Hi , 2SD1933 -
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2SD1933 transistor 2SB133 2sd1933 rohm 2SB1339 SC-67
Abstract: doide. 4 ) Complements the 2SD1933. Limits -8 0 -80 -7 -4 -6 1 10 150 -55- 150 Unit V V V A , Transistors 2SB1474 / 2SB1342 2SD1933 I Power Transistor ( -80V, -3A) 2 S B 1474 /2 S B 1 3 4 2 ·A b s o lu te maximum ratings (Taa *25'fc) Param eter Collector-base voltage C ollector-em itter voltage Emitter-base voltage Collector current Collector power dissipation Junction tem , Type Package flFE Code Basic ordering unit (pieces) 2SD1933 TO -220FP 7 _ _ 500 o ·E le -
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TRANSISTOR D400 OF D400 transistor D400 transistor transistor d 1933 94L-906-D400
Abstract: 2SC4723 2SC4081 2SC4097 2SD1949 2SC4102 2SC4097 2SD1276 2SD1277 2SD1276 2SD1933 2SD2025 ft # ft , 2SD1707 2SD1645 2SD1933 2SD1856 2SD1929 2SD1876 2SD1649 2SD1876 2SD1878 2SD1879 2SD2251 -
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2SD1667 2SD1406 2SD1267 2SD1445A 2SD1250 2SC4331 te 1819 2SC4211 2SD1693 2SD1832 2sd1849f 2SD1813 2SD1814 2SD2107 2SD2105
Abstract: 2SD1276 2SC3868 2SC3869 2SC4026 2SC3439 2SC3439 2SC3443 2SC3444 2SD1664 2SD1664 2SD1766 2SD1834 2SD1933 2SD1933 Sl ÍL ÍL SL S M S M ¿Ê. = # H = ft * a y 0 2SD1438 2SD986 2SD1741 -
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2SD1341 2SD1884 2SD1175 2SC3252 2SD1944 2SD2061 NEC 1357 SD 1351 2SD1370 2SD869 TOSHIBA NEC 2SD288 D1351 2SD1340 2SD1342 2SD869 2SD820 2SD870
Abstract: - 236 - m. s Type No. tt « Manuf. H m SANYO K S TOSHIBA s a NEC B à HITACHI « ± a FUJITSU fé T MATSUSHITA = m MITSUBISHI â¡ - A ROHM 2SD 1275A fé T 2SD1765 2SD 1276 fé T 2SD1589 2SD1933 2SD 1276A fé T 2SD1933 2SD 1277 fé T 2SD1590 2SD1604 2SD2025 2SD 1277A fé T 2SD2025 2SD 1278 fé T 2SD822 2SD 1280 fé T 2SD1619 2SC3443 2SD1664 2SD 1281 4 a iL 2SD1775 2SD 1282 0 iL 2SÃ1775 2SD 1283 0 iL 2SC4135 2SD1033 -
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2SD842 2SC3181 2SD1526 2SD2239 2SD400 2SC2060 1286-Z 2Sd1448 2SD1771 2SD2122L/S 2SD1224 2SD1800 2SD946
Abstract: - 240 - S s Type No. tt « Manuf. z M SANYO S ^ TOSHIBA 0 m NEC s a HITACHI m ± a FUJITSU fô T MATSUSHITA H m MITSUBISHI â¡ - A ROHM 2SD 1410 ( S S 2SD1592 2SD1141(K) 2SD1446 2SD 1411 Â¥ * 2 2SD1237L 2SC3692 2SD1271A 2SD1833 2SD 1412 - * 2 2SD1668 2SC3692 2SD1271 2SD1833 2SD 1413â'"- S S 2SC3144 2SD1589 2SD1601 2SD1275 2SD1933 2SD 1414 , S S 2SD1195 2SD1589 2SD1602 2SD1276 2SD1933 2SD 1415 ^ 3ï S 2SD1196 2SD1590 2SD970 CK) 2SD1277 2SD2025 2SD 1415 M 2SD12iiA -
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2SC3488 2SD1577 2SD2238 2SC3258 2SC1847 2SD157 nec 1441 2SD12 2SD202 OU133U OU10U4 ZSC1191 2SD1603
Abstract: Transistors 2SB1474 / 2SB1342 2SD1933 (94S-181-B400) (94L-906-D400) 298 ROHM ROHM
d400 transistors D400
Abstract: ) Built-in resistors between base and emitter. 4) Complementry pair with 2SD1933. I :. 6 ± o .5 (1 ) B a , r t K o "i 1 4) 2SD1933 t = i > 7 V Z ' j ! > Z o j T 0 . 45 ± 0 . 1 £ · -
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Abstract: (Fig. 22) 2SD1932 I 2SD1933 2SC4355 Notes: (1 ) I I : Darlington transistors (2) ( : Complementary , 2SD1933 â'" 80 4 35 30 â'" 1K-10K " 3 2 2SD1986 2SD1987 â'" 60 4 35 30 â'" 1Kâ'"10K 3 2 â'" EST -
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2SD1562 2SD2033 2SB1353 2SD1562A 2SB1085A 2SB1186A 2SB1335A 2SD2037 2SB1359 2sb1357 28c43 3SK212 2SB1085 2SD1763 2SB1186
Abstract: 2SD1932 n â'"a PD 80 80 4 35 1000 10000 3 2 1.5 2 0.004 2SD1933 p-A PD 80 80 4 30 1000 10000 3 2 1 , TOâ'"220 BCE/Da 2SD1932 TO-220FP BCE/Da 2SD1933 150* 6 -0.05 50 (TO-92NL) ECB -
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2SD1891 2SD1892 2SD1893 2SD1894 2SD1895 2SD1896 2SD1915 T0-220MF 2SD1899-Z 2SD1922 2SD1907 2SD1903
Abstract: 2SD1933 2SD1856 2SD2005 2SÜ2146 fâ T -A -A -A , -A -A * ,/ -A -A 2SD1851 2SC3792 -
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2SD1838 2SD1593 2SC4352 2SD1392 2SD1325 2SD1671 TT 2146 tt 2144 2SD1952 2sd2012 2sd1020 2SD2127 2SD2128 2SD2129 2SD2130 2SD2131 2SD2132
Abstract: 2SB1474 / 2SB1342 2SD1933 Transistors Power Transistor ( â'"80V, â'"3A) 2SB1474 / 2SB1342 I â'¢A b s o lu te maximum ratings (T a = 2 5 t:) â'¢F e a tu re s 1) 2) 3) 4) Darlington connection for a high hre. Built-in resistor between base and em itter. Built-in dam per doide , mounted transistor. (94S-181-B400) Power Transistor (80V, 4A) I 2SD1933 â'¢F e a tu re s , Package hFE Code Basic ordering unit (pieces) 2SD1933 TO-220FP 1k~10k â'" 500 â'¢E le c tric -
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SC-43 T0-220FP
Abstract: 2SD1580 2SD1933 m h m -y-y'ry yyry Ä ± ü 2SD 619 2SD 620 2SD 622 2SD 626/ 2S0 627 2SD 628 2SD 628H -
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2SD603 2SD610 2SD612K 2SD617 2SC1815 2SC496 mg30g1bl3 2SD472 MG30GIBL3 2SC2603 2SC3170 2SD602 2SD602A 2SD604 2SD605 2SD606
Abstract: 2SD2394 2SD1933 2SD1889 -y-y'ry y -y try V -y* ry y -y try fé B T ÎL 2SC3705 2SD1638 - A - A -
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2SD1993 2SD1995 2SD1825 2SD1564 2SD1595 2SD1558 NEC 2SD1564 2SC3296 2012 NEC 2sd1780 2SD1991R 2SD1988 2SD1989 2SD1990 2SD1991 2SD1992
Abstract: 2SD1747A 2SD1445 2SD1846 2SD1847 2SD856 ZSD1266 2SD1275 2SD1748 2SD2018 2SC3444 2SD1760 2SD1760 2SD1933 -
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2SD1544 2SD1545 2SD1546 2SD1548 2SD2293 2SD2295 2SD1555 2SB1833 2SD772 nec 2SD2298 2SD1883 1899-Z 2SD1547
Abstract: MCC omponents 21201 Itasca Street Chatsworth !"# $ % !"# 2SD1933 Features · · With TO-220Fa package Intended for medium power linear and switching applications NPN Silicon Power Transistors Maximum Ratings Symbol V CEO V CBO V EBO IC PC TJ TSTG Rating Collector-Emitter Voltage Collector-Base Voltage Emitter-Base Voltage Collector Current Collector power dissipation Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Rating 80 80 5.0 4.0 30 -55 to +150 -55 to Micro Commercial Components
Abstract: 2SD2067 2SD2408 DTUM12ZP 2SD1889 2SD1855 2SD1933 2SD1889 2SC3440 2SD1033 2SC4744 2SD1848 -
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2SC4547 2SD1830 2SD1913 2SD1275A 2SD1273 2SD1773 2122L 2093H 2SD1670 2SD2091 2SD2092 2SD2093 2SD2094 2SD2095 2SD2096
Abstract: 2SD1319 2SD1645 2SD1319 2SD1276 2SD1276 2SD1961 2SD1328 2SD1456 2SD1781K 2SD1468S 2SD1889 2SD1889 2SD1933 -
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2SC4027 2SC2274 2SC3666 2SD1244 2SD1330 2SC2690A 2SC269 2sc3667 2SD999 2SD1565 2sd1633 2SD1918 2SD1919 2SD1920 2SD545
Abstract: ' 2SD 1694 2SD 1695 x 2SD 1696 , 2SD 1697 2 SD 1698 2SD 1699 2SD 1700 B 4 2SD1933 2SD2025 -
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2SD1198A 2SD1622 2SD1631 2SD1296 2SC3760 2SD741 nec 2sc3157 2SD1317 nec 1678 2sc3694 2SD1660 2SC2883 2SC3299
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