2SC2104 Datasheet

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2SC2104 Fuji-SVEA Japanese 2S Transistor Cross Reference Datasheet Scan
2SC2104 N/A Transistor Shortform Datasheet & Cross References Scan
2SC2104 N/A Shortform Transistor PDF Datasheet Scan
2SC2104 N/A Japanese Transistor Cross References (2S) Scan
2SC2104 N/A Semiconductor Master Cross Reference Guide Scan
2SC2104 N/A The Transistor Manual (Japanese) 1993 Scan
2SC2104 N/A Transistor Substitution Data Book 1993 Scan
2SC2104 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
2SC2104 N/A The Japanese Transistor Manual 1981 Scan
2SC2104 Toshiba Silicon Epitaxial Planar Type Transistor Scan
2SC2104 Toshiba Japanese Transistor Data Book Scan


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Abstract: 2SC 891 ~ a m 2SC2104 2SC2992 2SC 892 a s 2SC2105 2SC2992 2SC 893 2SC510 2SD667 , 2SC4641 2SC979 2SC1740 2SC 908 = « 2SC1001 2SC2762 2SC 909 = * 2SC2104 2SC20S1 2SC2992 2SC3020 2SC 910 _ s 2SC2104 2SC2082 2SC2992 2SC3021 2SC 911 = * 2SC2762 2SC3020 2SC 911A H  -
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2SC783 2SD1270 2SC1617 2SC1517 2SC1815 2SD427 toshiba 2sc783 2sc372 toshiba 2sd425 2sc1741 2SD1266A 2SC792
Abstract: «±il 2SC998 2SC2329 2SC 1480 *±ii 2SC2104 2SC2081 2SC 1481 *±a 2SC2105 2SC2082 , 2SC 1486 =e hnâ'"=? 2SC2104 2SC2081 2 SC 1487 ÏSO-7 2SC2105 2SC2081 2SC 1488 ï h -
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2SC1236 2SC2139 2SC2323 2SC3415 2SD468 2SB1384 2sd1111 2SC1010 2SC1199 2sc2139 toshiba 2SC1478 2SC3604 2SC3587 2SC2200
Abstract: TOSHIBA {DISCRETE/OPTO} Sb DE] TCHTESO Q0â¡ 74ö4 3 | / 9097250 TOSHIBA , -33-0 S' 2SC2104 Fig. . f=.470MHz.Po TEST CIRCUIT ^â'"nnru 05: 0 ^-RL=5 0n Vcc p? 4 « > o -
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10ID 470MH 0D07M6S OT-33-0
Abstract: 2SC1779 2SC 1071 a*- ast-*±a 2SC2960 2SC 1073 fé T 2SC2104 2SC2762 2SC 1074 / fé T 2SC2104 2SC2081 2SC 1 075 ^- fé T 2SC2105 2SC2082 2SC 1076 fé T 2SC2183 2SC2083 2SC -
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2SC2085 2SD2023 2SC387A 2SC2926 2SD424 2SC2285A-KA 2SD424 TOSHIBA 2SC2993 TL 1084 2sc790 2SC3140 2SC3141 2SC1755 2SC515A 2SD314
Abstract: 2SC2104 FEATURES: . Output Power : P0=3W(Min.) SILICON NPN EPITAXIAL PLANAR TYPE Unit in mm UHF BAND POWER AMPLIFIER APPLICATIONS. (f=470MHz, VCC=12.6V, P1=0.4W) . 100% Tested for Load Mismatch Stress at All Phase Angles with 30:1 VSWR @ VcC=15V, Pi=0.4W, f=470MHz MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25°C) CHARACTERISTIC Collector-Base Voltage Collector-Emitter Voltage Emitter-Base Voltage Collector Current Collector , 2SC2104 Fig. f=470MHz P0 TEST CIRCUIT Cl,C2 ,C3 : ~10pF CA ,C5 : ~30pF C6 : 0.02^F C7 : lOOOpF Ll -
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Abstract: 2SC2103A Ã"S VHF PA 40 18 6 50 1000 15 10 150 5 3 2SC2104 Ã"S 400MHz PA 35 17 0.8 7.5 1000 15 10 5 , =470MHz Pi=0.4» (2-10G1A) EBEC 2SC2104 15* Po min 6W f=470MHz Pi=lW (2-10G1A) EBEC 2SC2105 -
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2SC2093 2SC2094 2SC2097 2SC2098 2SC2099 2SC2101 2SC2222 2SC2150 2SC2106 27/50MHZ
Abstract: 2SC 1002 X S 2SC2104 2SC2081 2SC2992 2SC 1003 S S 2SC2105 2SC2082 2SC2992 2SC 1004 X S -
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2SC2320 2SC2719 2SC495 2SC1047 2SD818 2SC1843 2SC984A 2SD300 2SC1000 2SC1205B 2SC45809 2SC1280 2SC1472
Abstract: 2SD313 2SC1678 2SC1957 2SC 1965 â'ž. = * 2SC2101 2SC2988 2SC 1966'' = m. 2SC2104 2SC2081 -
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2SC1912 2SC1911 2SC2229 2SC1567A 2SC1914A 2SC3800 2SC2407 2SC1943 2SC1971 2SC1940 2SC1658 2SCZ909 2SD666A
Abstract: 2SC2104 Transistors Bipolar NPN UHF/Microwave Transisitor Military/High-RelN V(BR)CEO (V) V(BR)CBO (V)35 I(C) Max. (A)800m Absolute Max. Power Diss. (W)7.5 Minimum Operating Temp (øC) Maximum Operating Temp (øC)175Ãu I(CBO) Max. (A) @V(CBO) (V) (Test Condition) h(FE) Max. Current gain. @I(C) (A) (Test Condition) @V(CE) (V) (Test Condition) f(T) Min. (Hz) Transition Freq @I(C) (A) (Test Condition) @V(CE) (V) (Test Condition) Power Gain Min. (dB) @I(C) (A) (Test Condition) @V(CE) (V) (Test American Microsemiconductor
Abstract: - 1)9 - m « Type No. tt S Manuf. H SANYO S S TOSHIBA H a NEC B 3X HITACHI « ± a FUJITSU fâ T MATSUSHITA = » MITSUBISHI â¡ - A ROHM 2SC 1619ft â 9-VÃ7-V ¿CJUJÃi 2SC 1620 tó T 2SC2104 2SC891 2SC2291 2 SC 1621 a a 2SC4453 2SC2480 2SC4911K 2SC 1622 a a 2SC4639 2SC2712 2SC2462 2SD601 2SC2412K 2 SC 1622A s m 2SC4639 2SD814 2SC3906K 2SC 1623 B m. 2SC4639 2SC2712 2SC2462 2SD601A 2SC3928 2SC2412K 2SC 1624 s s 2SD1724 0 COO 0 0 0 ¿01/¿.¿ou 11Q 1 2SC1567A 2SD1763 -
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2SC945 2SC1345 2SC1685 2SC1252 2SC1684 2SC1842 2SC1740 R 2SC458LG B 2sc458 2SC458lg 2SC2238 2SD1110 2SD1138 2SC1567 2SDD38 2SC3708
Abstract: 2SC998 2SC1169 2SD820 2SD821 - - 2SD424 2SD424 2SC2104 2SC2106 2SC2183 2SC2183 2SC1627 2SC1627 , 2SC2499 2SC3620 2SC3620 2SC382TM 2SD818 2SD818 2SC2240 2SC2240 2SC2240 2SC2240 2SC2104 2SC2106 2SD818 , 2SC2101 2SC2240 2SC2240 2SC732TM 2SC732TM 2SC1169 2SC2102 2SC2104 2SC2105 2SC2106 _ 2SC3608 2SC2181 -
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2SA1015 MG15G1AL2 S-AU15 b1375 2sk270a 2SK150A 2SA1051b MG50G2CL1 2N3713 2N3714 2N3715 2N3716 2N3789 2N3790
Abstract: 2SC1070 2SC1547 2SC2926 2SC 1118 0 Ht 2SC2106 2SC3217 2SC 1120 S 2 2SD612 2SC2104 2SC2081 -
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2SC3296 2SC2242 2SC4007 2SD895 2SC519A 2SD1148 2SC1923 2SC2611 2SC1447 2SC2258 2SC3272 2SC3269
Abstract: - ID 2SC17S5 2SC1569 2SC2085 2SC 1723 ^ ED 2SC1755 2SC1447 2SC1905 2SC 1724 Ã" 2 2SC2104 -
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2SC2999 2SC1674 2SC535 2SC1548 2SC2550 2SC1833 2SC4282 TIL 729 2SC33 ZSC2999 2SC1675 2SC1342 2SC1S81 2SC2058
Abstract: 703 / s « 2SC2104 2SC2881 2SC1978 2SC2628 2SC 704 H * 2SC2103 2SC2882 2SC1978 2SC2629 2SC -
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2SC1855 2SC1907 2SD1226A 2SC1668 2SC2634 2SC693 2sc2894 2SC2166 2SD859A 2SC177S 2SC2068 2SD1274
Abstract: - 110 - s s Type No. tt â'¬ Manuf. = SANYO 3t S TOSHIBA a a NEC b ÃL HITACHI s ± m FUJITSU fâ T MATSUSHITA H m MITSUBISHI â¡ â'" A ROHM 2SC 1266 2SC510 2SC 1267 B « 2SC2104 2SC 1268 b b 2SC1236 2SC 1269 b a 2SC1236 2SC 1270 b a 2SC1236 2SC 1271 b a 2SC1236 2SC 1272 b a 2SC1236 2SC 1273 b a 2SC1236 2SC 1274 b a 2SC504 2SC 1276 a a 2SC4455 2SC752(g)TM 2SC64KK) 2SC828 2 SC 1277 b a 2SC3419 2SC3581 2SC1741 2 SC 1278 -
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2SC2362K 2SC1515 1279S 2SC1634 2SC2888 2SC2234 TM 1298 2SC828 S 2SC2204 2SC2389 1278S 2SC982TM
Abstract: {DISCRETE/OPTO} 9097250 TOSHIBA (DISCRETE/OPTO) ù'T- 3 3 'OS' 2SC2104 â'¢ rv * * . -
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Abstract: C 3828 2SD820 2SD821 2SD424 2SD424 2SC2104 2SC2106 2SC2183 2SC2183 2SC1627 2SC1627 2SD818 2SC1569 , 2SC3620 2SC 332TM 2SD818 2SD818 2SC2240 2SC2240 2SC2240 2SC2240 2SC2104 2SC2106 2SD818 2SD818 - , 2SC2240 2SC2240 2SC 732TM 2SC 732TM 2SC1169 2SC2102 2SC2104 2SC2105 2SC2106 2SC3608 2SC2181 2SC2240 -
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2SA28 TF231 2SK 150A mg100g1al2 2SD1365 2SC2461 B 2sk30 2SC102 2N3791 2N3792 2N4340 2N4340S 2N4391 2N4392
Abstract: 2SC1626 2SC2104 2SC2]05 2SC2105 2SC2105 2SC1726 2SC2495 2SC2081 2SC2284 2SC2284 2SC2Q83 * 2SC 974 * 2SC -
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2SC944 2SC2410 2SC829 2SC454 2sc2381 2sc2061 2sc2120 2SC947 2SC948 2SC1959 2SC496 2SC2308
Abstract: '" 175 0 . ü îf x * m INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS 2sc2104 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta = 25 C -
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12cw10 40011H
Abstract: 2SC1763 2SC1764 2SC1765 2SC1955 2SC2068 2SC2073 2SC2075 2SC2098 2SC2099 2SC2101 2SC2102 2SC2103A 2SC2104 -
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2SC520A MP3006 MP3009 MP4003 MP4004 MP4501 S1854 s1854 a mp4002 2SA473 2SB553 2SA656A 2SB554 2SA657A 2SB595
Abstract: {DISCRETE/OPTO} 9097250 TOSHIBA (DISCRETE/OPTO) ù'T- 3 3 'OS' 2SC2104 â'¢ rv * * . -
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2SC2371 2SC2078 2SC923 2SC2290 2SC1775A 2SC3098 TT 2076 2SC3358 NEC 2SC3358 T 2109 2SC1514 2SD1610 2SC1819 2SC2344
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