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2SA1654 N/A Japanese Transistor Cross References (2S) Scan
2SA1654 N/A The Transistor Manual (Japanese) 1993 Scan
2SA1654 N/A Transistor Substitution Data Book 1993 Scan
2SA1654 N/A Shortform Data and Cross References (Misc Datasheets) Scan
2SA1654 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
2SA1654 Sanyo Semiconductor PNP Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor Scan
2sa1654 Sanyo Semiconductor Pre-Biased Digital Transistor Scan


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Abstract: Ordering number : EN 2807 No,2807 i 8AWOÃÃM ImÃÃÃÉÃ'à 2SA1654/2SC4361 PNP/NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistors Switching Applications (with Bias Resistance) Applications , (R1 = 4.7kQ, R2 = lOkfl) ( ) : 2SA1654 Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25°C Collector to Base , : Emitter SANYO: SPA 2sa1654(pnp) 2sc436knpn) Specifications and information herein are subject to , Bldc|.f 1 10,1 Gliome, Ueno, Taiio-ku.TOKYO. 110 JAPAN 9288MO.TS No.2807-1/2 2SA1654/2SC4361 -
OCR Scan
2SC4361 2SA1654/2SC4361
Abstract: Ordering number: EN 2807 2SA1654/2SC43B1 PNP/NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistors Switching Applications (with Bias Resistance) A pp licatio n s â'¢ Switching circuit, inverter circuit, interface circuit, driver circuit F e a tu re s â'¢ On-chip bias resistance (R1 = 4.7k£i, R2 = lOkfl) ( ) : 2SA1654 A b so lu te M axim um R atin g s a t Ta = 25°C Collector to Base Voltage VcBO Collector to E , No.2807-1/2 7 cH 7 G 7 b GD I S T G ' ì fi?0 451 2SA1654/2SC4361 - k lc D -
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2SA1654/2SC43B1 2034/2034A SC-43 SC-51 3C-43
Abstract: 0.2 -0.1 -40 50 -5 -0.01 -0.3 -0.01 -0.0005 2SA1654 SW/INV/D -50 -50 -0.1 0. 3 -0.1 -40 50 -5 , 005 5. 5* El/RZ 4. 7K/10K (SPA) ECB(fSS) 2SA1654 200* -10 -0. 005 5. 3* R1/R2 4. 7K/4. 7K -
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2SA1615 2SA1615-Z 2SA1616 2SA1617 2SA1618 2SA1619 SA1673 2SC4387 2SA1623 SA1615 2SA1671 2SA1670
Abstract: Ordering number : EN 2807 PNP/NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistors 2SA1654/2SC4361 Switching Applications (with Bias Resistance) SANYO Electric SANYO Electric
Abstract: 1348 2SA1497 2SA1503 2SA1509 2SA1511 2SA1564 2SA1572 2SA1574 2SA1582 2SA1590/1591 2SA1654 2SA1656 -
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2SA1622 2SK1375 2SC3653 2SA1722 2SC3399 2SA1573 DSB010 DSD010 DSC010 2sa1571 DSA010 2SC4211 2SA1179 2SC2812 2SK596
Abstract: 2SA1497/2SC3860 2SA1591/2SC4133 2SA1654/2SC4361 2SA1656/2SC4363 2 SA 1 5 1 1 / 2SC3901 2SA1503/2SC3864 2 S -
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2SC3915 C3656 transistor c3399 C4397 transistor C4047 a1678 A1526 2SA1676 2SA1677 2SA1678
Abstract: 2SA1654/2SC4361 2SA1656/2SC4363 2SA1511 / 2SC3901 2SA1503/2SC3864 2SA1582/2SC4113 2SA1572/2SC4067 2SA1574 -
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C3921 c3399 c3396 C3863 A1529 A1522 transistor ZY- 2SA1341
Abstract: Continued from previous page Device PflCkflQ6 type Applications FC124 I CP6 FC127 CP6 FC128 CP6 FC131 CP6 j FC132 CP6 I ¡FC135 CP6 FC136 CP6 FC147 CP6 FC148 CP6 2SA1345 SPA 2SA1346 SPA 2SA1347 SPA 2SA134B SPA 2SA1497 SPA 2SA1503 SPA 2SA1509 SPA 2SA1511 SPA 2SA1522 SPA 2SA1523 SPA 2SA1524 SPA 2SA1525 SPA 2SA1564 SPA 2SA1572 SPA 2SA1574 SPA 2SA1582 SPA 2SA1590 SPA 2SA1591 SPA 2SA1654 SPA 2SA1656 SPA 2SC3399 SPA 2SC3400 SPA 2SC3401 SPA 2SC3402 SPA 2SC3860 SPA 2SC3864 SPA 2SC3899 SPA 2SC3901 SPA 2SC3916 -
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2SC3917 2SC3918 2SC3919 2SC4048 2SC4067 2SC4070
Abstract: 50 50 2SA1590 447 2SA1591 2SA1654 449 451 2SA1656 2SC3399 453 2SC3400 403 -
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2SC3779 2SC3778 2SC3777 2SC3776 2SC2999 2SC4433
Abstract: KTA1270 2SA1285 Mitsubishi KTA1024 2SA1654 Sanyo KRA119M 2SB783 Hitachi KTB1368 -
LM8550 KTD2026 2SC2320 equivalent NEC 12F DATASHEET 2sc2240 equivalent 2N3904 MOTOROLA 2N2222/A KTN2222/A 2SA1150 KTA1272 2SA1510 2SB546A
Abstract: 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 2SA1591 2SA1654 2SA1656 2SC3399 2SC3400 2SC3401 2SC3402 2SC3860 2SC3864 2SC3899 -
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TO-32-070 2sk283 2SK1413 Application Notes 2SK131 2SJ193 2SC4732 T0220ML
Abstract: 2SA1497/2SC3860 2SA1591/2SC4133 2SA1654/2SC4361 2SA1656/2SC4363 2 SA 1 5 1 1 / 2SC3901 2SA1503/2SC3864 2 S KEC
KF6N60 2SK3850 equivalent KF9N25 KF7N50 MDF10N65b transistor PANASONIC ZENER U10A2CIC U10A3CIC U10A6CDC U10A6CI U10A6CIC U20A3CFC