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Abstract: Centra! Semiconductor corp. Central semiconductor corp. 145 Adams Avenue Hauppauge, New York 11 788 ♦I 2N398 2N398A 2N398B PNP GERMANIUM TRANSISTOR JEDEC TO-5 CASE DESCRIPTION The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR 2N398 Series types are PNP Germanium Transistors designed for high voltage applications. MAXIMUM RATINGS (TA=25°C) SYMBOL 2N398 2N398A 2N398B UNIT Collector-Base Voltage VCB0 105 , =25°C unless otherwise noted) 2N398 2N398A 2N398B SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS ' CB0 VCB=2.5V ' CB0 Vcb -
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pnp germanium transistor transistor YA Transistor 2N398 pnp germanium transistor 2N398 transistor case To 105 Germanium Transistor 11MS2
Abstract: 2N398B 2N451 2N491B 2N257 2N311 2N339 2N399 2N456 2N491C 2N257B 2N312 2N339A 2N400 2N456A 2N492 2N263 -
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2N384 2N388 2N441 2N301 2N489A 2N491 2N458 2n448 2N404 transistor transistor 2N3 2N235 2N280 2N327A 2N381 2N414A 2N466
Abstract: . Mfr. 2N394A P58 ETC.GE 2N395 2N398B 2N402 P56 ETC *GE »KSC * PHL.RAY » R C A » SY L *T 11*UST , 68.2SB121.XB121 2N398B .2N 123 4.2 N1 655.2N1656.2N2042.2N2042A. 2N2 043 .2N 20 43 A .2 N2 5 51 .H A 7 5 3 5 -
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2N60B 2N60C 2N277 N1702 L204A 2SA63 2N390A 2SB311 2N34A 2N43A 2N44A 2N59A 2N59B 2N59C
Abstract: 2N398B 2N404 2N404A 2N405t 2N406 2N407t 2N408 2N 4 0 9 t 2N410t 2N 4111 2N412t 2N414 2N5811 -
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1N5411 CA3051 40664 SCR npn transistor RCA 467 RCA 40822 40280 2N1491 2N1493 2N2631 2N2876 2N3229 2N3632
Abstract: ,SYL PG58 GE,RAY,RCA,SYL 2N397 2N398 2N398A 2N398B 2N402 PG58 PG58 PG58 PG58 PG58 2N403 PG58 ETC -
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ST25C transistor transistor 2N4 2N407 transistor 2SA114 TFK 808 transistor 2sc124
Abstract: 2N398A 2N398B 2N402 2N403 TRANSISTOR Polarity Term. Ge/Si Guide Manufacturer SUBSTITUTES Substitute -
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pt 3570 trw rf pa189 2N3017 2N2505 RCA SK CROSS-REFERENCE 2N244
Abstract: PG T05 PG T05 PG T05 2N398A 2N398B 2N398C 2N399 2N400 PG PG LJ PG PG 2N401 2N402 2N403 2N404 -
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2T312 AS218 transistor 2N2654 RCA H 541 diode germanium 1n283 gex 74a
Abstract: STI UPI AS! CE! 409- 23 SWT UP! 2N398B AMR 146 15 SEI SES WAB CEN CRI WAB CEN CSR SPE SST Hewlett-Packard
c5088 transistor transistor C3207 TLO84CN sec c5088 IN5355B D2817A LM103-2 CA3026 CA3018 MPQ6842 CA3046 CA3045