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2N3906TAR Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation PNP General Purpose Amplifier, 3 LD, TO92, MOLDED 0.200 IN LINE SPACING LD FORM, 2000/AMMO ri Buy

2N3906TAR* Datasheet

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2N3906TAR Fairchild Semiconductor TRANS GP BJT PNP 40V 0.2A 3TO-92 AMMO

6 pages,
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Abstract: Production $0.0245 TO-92 3 AMMO Line 1: 2N Line 2: 3906 Line 3: -&3 2N3906TAR Full , detailed qualification data Product 2N3906BU 2N3906BU 2N3906TA 2N3906TA 2N3906TAR 2N3906TF 2N3906TF 2N3906TFR 2N3906TFR 2N3906 2N3906_D81Z 2N3906 2N3906_J05Z ... Original

9 pages,
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2N3906D ml4423 marking code nt amplifier AN-42043 2N3906TFR 3906 TO-92 fan4810 spice 3906 2N3906 APPLICATION 2N3906TAR AN4129 2N3906BU 2N3906 model of 2n3906 2N3906 abstract
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Abstract: Number 2N3906BU 2N3906BU 2N3906TA 2N3906TA 2N3906TAR 2N3906TF 2N3906TF 2N3906TFR 2N3906TFR MMBT3906 MMBT3906 PZT3906 PZT3906 Marking 2N3906 2N3906 2N3906 2N3906 2N3906 2N3906 ... Original

6 pages,
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2A 3906 2N3906BU 2N3906 EBC 2N3906 SOT 23 2N3906TAR 2N3906 2n3906 sot23 SOT-23 EBC TR 3906 PNP SM 2n3906 2a MMBT3906 PZT3906 2N3906 abstract
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Fairchild Cross Reference Results

Fairchild Part Orderable Industry Part Manufacturer Type Family Description
2N3906 2N3906TAR Buy 2N3905 Buy Allegro Microsystems Inc Direct Small Signal PNP General Purpose Amplifier

On Semiconductor Cross Reference Results

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MPS4250G Buy 2N3906TAR Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Close