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Abstract: Central Semiconductor - Cross Reference Competitor Discontinued Part Replacements EOL Part # Manufacturer Name Central Semi Part # A12FR10 A12FR10 International Rectifier CR20-010R CR20-010R A12FR100 A12FR100 International Rectifier CR20-100R CR20-100R A12FR120 A12FR120 International Rectifier CR20-120R CR20-120R A12FR20 A12FR20 International Rectifier CR20-020R CR20-020R A12FR40 A12FR40 International Rectifier CR20-040R CR20-040R A12FR60 A12FR60 International Rectifier CR20-060R CR20-060R A12FR80 A12FR80 International Rectifier CR20-080R CR20-080R A12F10 A12F10 International Rectifier CR20-010 CR20-010 EM A ... Original

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motorola 2N3866 BCY79-VIII equivalent BFY90 MOTOROLA BZX399-C8V2 bc368 equivalent 2N3440 MOTOROLA MOTOROLA 2N2905A National 2n3799 data sheet MJ4502 EQUIVALENT motorola 2N2219A BCX38B equivalent motorola 2n2222 BC140 equivalent A12FR10 CR20-010R A12FR10 abstract
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Abstract: EOL Life Support Program Revised: 3 May 2007 EOL Life Support Program Listing as of 05/03/07 EOL ITEM# MANUFACTURER NAME A12FR10 A12FR10 A12FR100 A12FR100 A12FR120 A12FR120 A12FR20 A12FR20 A12FR40 A12FR40 A12FR60 A12FR60 A12FR80 A12FR80 A12F10 A12F10 A12F100 A12F100 A12F120 A12F120 A12F20 A12F20 A12F40 A12F40 A12F60 A12F60 A12F80 A12F80 A16FR10 A16FR10 A16FR100 A16FR100 A16FR120 A16FR120 A16FR20 A16FR20 A16FR40 A16FR40 A16FR60 A16FR60 A16FR80 A16FR80 A16F10 A16F10 A16F100 A16F100 A16F120 A16F120 A16F20 A16F20 A16F40 A16F40 A16F60 A16F60 A16F80 A16F80 A25FR10 A25FR10 A25FR100 A25FR100 A25FR120 A25FR120 A25FR20 A25FR20 A25FR40 A25FR40 A25FR60 A25FR60 A25FR80 A25FR80 A25F10 A25F10 A25F100 A25F100 A25F120 A25F120 A25F20 A25F20 A25F40 A25F40 A25F60 A25F60 A2 ... Original

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2N3905 MOTOROLA equivalent for BC337 BZX49-C11 BZV47C39 MBRS240T3 2N3440 MOTOROLA BC338AP 2N2219 MOTOROLA BFY90 MOTOROLA BFY90 PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTOR MMBR2857 MBS4993 MOTOROLA 1N4751A A12FR10 A12FR100 A12FR10 abstract
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Over 1.1 million files (1986-2014): html articles, reference designs, gerber files, chemical content, spice models, programs, code, pricing, images, circuits, parametric data, RoHS data, cross references, pcns, military data, and more. Please note that due to their age, these files do not always format correctly in modern browsers. Disclaimer.
2N3904 2N3904 2N3904 2N3904 D74Z NPN General Purpose Amplifier N/A Full production - 2N3904 D75Z NPN
National 16/09/1998 16.15 Kb HTM nsc03813-v3.htm
:// 2N3904 D75Z 2N3904 2N3904 2N3904 2N3904 D81Z http
National 02/04/1998 380.13 Kb TXT wcd04184.txt
:// 2N3904 D75Z 2N3904 2N3904 2N3904 2N3904 D81Z http
National 16/09/1998 476.62 Kb TXT nsc06775.txt
General Purpose Amplifier 2N3904 D75Z - NPN General Purpose Amplifier 2N3904 2N3904 2N3904 2N3904 D81Z - NPN
National 03/04/1998 914.22 Kb HTM wcd052dd.htm

Central Cross Reference Results

Central Part Industry Part Type Description
2N3904 Buy 2N3904_D75Z Buy Exact electrical and mechanical. Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose

Fairchild Cross Reference Results

Fairchild Part Orderable Industry Part Manufacturer Type Family Description
2N3904 2N3904TAR Buy 2N3904-D75Z Buy Fairchild Direct Small Signal NPN General Purpose Amplifier