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MAX2242EBC+T Maxim Integrated Products Narrow Band Medium Power, 2400MHz Min, 2500MHz Max, 1 Func, 4 X 3 MM, ROHS COMPLIANT, UCSP-12 visit Digikey
POWERSTEP01 STMicroelectronics System-in-package integrating microstepping controller and 10 A power MOSFETs visit Digikey
POWERSTEP01TR STMicroelectronics System-in-package integrating microstepping controller and 10 A power MOSFETs visit Digikey
POWEREST Texas Instruments Power Estimation Tool (PET) visit Texas Instruments
CS35L32-CWZR Cirrus Logic Audio Amplifier visit Digikey
CDB4207 Cirrus Logic CS4207 Evaluation Board Low Pwr,4/6 HD Aud Codec w/HP Amp visit Digikey

2001 MAX2242 Power Amplifier

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Abstract: WIRELESS, RF, AND CABLE Jun 01, 2001 The MAX2242 Power Amplifier: Crucial Application Issues Application of the MAX2242 power amplifier (PA) is described in detail. Included topics are: PCB layout , with application information for the MAX2242 power amplifier. A range of topics are covered, including , ultrachip-scale package. General Description The MAX2242 is a linear power amplifier (PA) designed for 2.4GHz , . The MAX2242 power amplifier consists of a three-stage PA, a power detector, and powermanagement Dallas Semiconductor
phase shift detector at 2.45GHz schematics for a PA amplifier 2.4GHz Cordless Phone circuit diagram ALC Automatic Level Control TRANSISTOR 2.4GHZ power amplifier PA
Abstract: projected to be over $2B in 2003. Two WLAN techniques at 2450MHz: DSSS and FHSS. MAX2242 power amplifier , WIRELESS, RF, AND CABLE Application Note 614: Jun 01, 2001 A 22.5dBm 2.4GHz Linear Power , available today can provide only about -4dBm output power, requiring a high-gain power amplifier to follow. The MAX2242 cascades three amplifier stages to provide at least 26.5dB gain and ensure an output of , /an614 Page 4 of 7 Figure 5. Frequency response of the MAX2242 The PA has a power detector Maxim Integrated Products
2.4GHz RECEIVER IC cordless phone Transceiver IC 2.4GHz rf wireless for communication wi-fi transmitter wifi tdd Transceiver 2450MH
Abstract: 802.11b DSSS transceiver. The MAX2242 PA provides 33dBc ACPR at 2.45GHz with +22.5dBm output power. The , . Incorporating the power amplifier (PA) and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) on-chip remains a design , MAX2752 VCO. The following block diagram shows a typical application. Linear Power Amplifier At 2.45GHz, the MAX2242 provides +22.5dBm of linear output power, 28.5dB of gain from a 3.3V supply, while , WIRELESS, RF, AND CABLE Application Note 586: May 01, 2001 Block Diagram for 2.4GHz IEEE802 Maxim Integrated Products
MAX2644 MAX2620 DSSS transceiver dsss modulator wlan transceiver IC for oscillator 2.4GHZ DSSS 2025MH 2165MH 374MH 748MH
Abstract: data transmission. MAX2644 SiGe LNA serves as the PA driver and the receiver low noise amplifier (LNA) in the 2.5GHz band. The MAX2240 and MAX2242 power amplifiers (PA) produced the ~+20dBm output with , The MAX2240 power amplifier delivers +19dBm saturated output power from a 3.2V supply at 105mA, and , requiring +20dBm to +27dBm output power. At +23dBm saturated output power, the MAX2242 achieves 37 , WIRELESS, RF, AND CABLE Jun 01, 2001 RF ICs for 2.4GHz ISM-Band FHSS Solutions: Bluetooth Dallas Semiconductor
MAX2754 MAX2244 MAX2680 MAX2681 fhss 4 channel receiver Maxim DSSS spread spectrum FHSS 1145MH 1240MH
Abstract: Distribution at 1-888-629-4642, or visit Maxim's website at www.maxim-ic.com. Evaluates: MAX2242 General Description The MAX2242 evaluation kit (EV kit) simplifies evaluation of the MAX2242 power amplifier (PA , 19-1912; Rev 0; 1/01 MAX2242 Evaluation Kit Features o Easy Evaluation of MAX2242 o +2.7V to , +85°C 3×4 UCSP MAX2242 EV Kit Component List C1, C9 C2 C3, C6, C8, C10 DESCRIPTION , DESIGNATION 1 MAX2242 PC board None 1 MAX2242 data sheet None 1 MAX2242 EV kit data Maxim Integrated Products
MAX2242EVKIT UMK105CH330JW hp mouser GRM36C0G330J050AD GRM36C0G1R8B050AD EVK105CH1R8JW J502-ND
Abstract: 19-1912; Rev 0; 1/01 MAX2242 Evaluation Kit General Description The MAX2242 evaluation kit (EV kit) simplifies evaluation of the MAX2242 power amplifier (PA), which is designed for 2.4GHz ISM-band , connection to RF test equipment. Each kit is assembled with the MAX2242 and incorporates input- and output-matching components optimized for the 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz RF frequency band. Easy Evaluation of MAX2242 , Components Included Features Evaluates: MAX2242 Ordering Information PART MAX2242EVKIT TEMP. RANGE Maxim Integrated Products
FR4 dielectric constant 2.45GHz GRM36X5R104K010 LMK105BJ104MV TAJB226M016 GRM36C0G060B050AD EVK105CH060JW 0402CS-10NXJBG
Abstract: THROTTLE-BACK · MAINTAIN HIGHEST EFFICIENCY EVEN AT LOWER POWER LEVELS x 2.0 m RFOUT RFIN MAX2242 , Input 50 Match · 1uA Shutdown Mode MAX2240 Chip-Scale PA The MAX2240 2.4GHz power amplifier extends , low idle current Power amplifier with balanced modulator, linear modulation to 2V, shutdown mode 3.6V, 250mW power amplifier, programmable on/off ramp control, analog/digital gain control, shutdown mode, standby mode 3V, 1W power amplifier, power on/off ramp control, gain control, shutdown mode Maxim Integrated Products
MAX2292 MAX2382 Max2606 fm transmitter ericsson single line module 900 GSM MAX2750 Cellular RF Transmitter 1900 2400 MHz 16-TSSOP MAX1687/1688 MAX4473 MAX1007 MAX104 MAX106