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1S1586 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
1S1586 EIC Semiconductor High Speed Switching Diodes Original
1S1586 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
1S1586 N/A The Diode Data Book with Package Outlines 1993 Scan
1S1586 N/A Shortform Semicon, Diode, and SCR Datasheets Scan
1S1586 Panasonic Silicon epitaxial planar type diode. Scan
1S1586 Toshiba Silicon Epitaxial Planar Type Scan


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Abstract: DO-204AH 1S1586 HIGH SPEED SWITCHING DIODE DO - 35 Glass (DO-204AH) FEATURES : · High switching speed: max. 2 ns · Continuous reverse voltage:max. 50 V · Repetitive peak reverse voltage:max. 55 V · Pb / RoHS Free 1.00 (25.4) min. 0.079(2.0 )max. 0.150 (3.8) max. Cathode Mark 1.00 (25.4) min. 0.020 (0.52)max. MECHANICAL DATA : Case: DO-35 Glass Case Weight: approx. 0.13g Dimensions in inches and ( millimeters ) Maximum Ratings and Thermal Characteristics (Rating at 25 °C
EIC Semiconductor


Abstract: mg50g2cl4 1SS193 2SC367 (G) TM 2SC1959 2SC4318 1S1586 1SS193 2SC372 (G) TM 2SC1815 2SC4392
2SC4542 MG25N6EK1 MG25J2YS40 MG30G2DL1 THS106A MG30T1AL1 tbf819 mg50g2cl4 GT60J101 2SD1678 ths102a 04AZ3 02CZ3 1SV186 1SV245 2SC2391 05AZ3


Abstract: 1s1585-1s1588 1-2A1A Weight : 0.14g Marking 1S1585 $ 1S1586 Frei TOSHIBA CORPORATION - 134 - TOSHIBA {DISCRETE
OCR Scan
1S1587 1S1588 SC-40 1s1585-1s1588 Diode 1S1588 Diode 1S1587 1s1587 diode 1S1585-1S1588 1S1536 CATH02E


Abstract: Diode IS1588 -35 EIAJ SC-40 TOSHIBA 1-2a1a Weight 0.14g Marking 1S1585 T5 1S1586 T6 1S1587 T7 1S1588 o vi I â 9- x s
OCR Scan
IS1588 Diode IS1588 si585 100S ct2p S1585-1S1588

diode cross reference 1s1555

Abstract: diode cross reference 1s2473 2000.8 CROSS REFERENCE Switching diodes Maker Package Code DO-35 TOSHIBA 1S1555, 1S1588 1SS104 1S1553, 1S1554 NEC 1S953 MA161 1S1586, 1S1587 1SS202 1SS178, 1SS177 LLD 1S954, 1S955 1SS176 MHD MATSUSHITA MA150 1SS202(1) DLS1585, DLS1586 MA162, MA170, MA171 MA165, MA166, MA167 MA221 MA222 MA223 MPAK 1SS181 1SS184 ) 1S2837, 1S2838 1SS226 1SS123 1SS193 ISS187 1SS300 1SS361 CMPAK 1S2835, 1S2836 1SS220, 1SS221 1SS222
MA151WK 1SS211 ISS376 DA323K IPS302 diode cross reference 1s1555 diode cross reference 1s2473 1S2473 DIODE equivalent 1S2473 DIODE 1SS223 MA151WA MA152WA MA152WK MA153

5218 a

Abstract: lmb33 10 iiF R3 10k -Wr ' D1 1S1586 D2 â'¢1S15B8 R4 20k -wv- >H7 * 6.2k -V0=,VihI tl/h/5218-37 CO
OCR Scan
LM833 5218 a lmb33 500K AUDIO DUAL POT ic lm833 5218 a audio operational 10-band Graphic Equalizer Amplifier TL/H/5218-2 LM833M LM833N TL/H/5218-1 TL/H/5218-3

1S2473 DIODE equivalent

Abstract: 1S2473 equivalent Package DO-35 NEC 1S1555, 1S1588 1SS104 1S1553, 1S1554 1S1586, 1S1587 1SS202(1
1S2473 equivalent DIODE marking S4 59A marking 62N SOT23 1S2471 equivalent UHF/VHF TV Tuner HITACHI DIODE 1N4148 LL-34 HSN278WK HZU10 HZU11 HZU12 HZU13 HZU15

marking code 62z

Abstract: philips surface mount zener diode v6 , 1SS119 1S1586, 1S1587 MHD 1SS176 1S954, 1S955 1SS202 MA162, MA170, MA171 1SS178, 1SS177 LLD
Hitachi Semiconductor
marking code 62z philips surface mount zener diode v6 marking 68m sot 23-5 DIODE ROHM 3pin Marking A7 marking 62z SOT23 diode S4 68a HVD141/142 HVD141 HVD142 1S2074 HZM24N HZM10N