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SG-BGA-7008 Ironwood Electronics BGA Socket; Lid Type : Swivel; Interconnect/Media : Elastomer; Pitch mm : 0.4 to 0.75; Socket Speed (GHz): 10; Operating Temperature: -35 to 100 C; Insertions: 1700 ri Buy
EL5246CY Intersil Corporation VIDEO AMPLIFIER, PDSO10, MSOP-10 ri Buy
EL5292CY Intersil Corporation VIDEO AMPLIFIER, PDSO10, MSOP-10 ri Buy


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Abstract: and architectures · Very Small Footprint: 10-12 MIPs, 10-50KB Memory From the Interactive SpeechTM ... Original

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Voice-Direct pager text to speech pdf voice activated ic RSC-300 RSC-364 directory sheet Voice Dialer 364 Development kit voice controlled home automation VOICE ACTIVATED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM datasheet abstract
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Abstract: MC100LVELT22 MC100LVELT22 3.3V Dual LVTTL/LVCMOS to Differential LVPECL Translator The MC100LVELT22 MC100LVELT22 is a dual LVTTL/LVCMOS to differential LVPECL translator. Because LVPECL (Low Voltage Positive ECL) levels are used, only +3.3 V and ground are required. The small outline 8-lead package and the low skew, dual gate design of the LVELT22 LVELT22 makes it ideal for applications which require the translation of a clock and a data signal. MARKING DIAGRAMS* 8 8 1 SO-8 D SUFFIX CASE 751 1 8 8 1 TSSOP-8 ... Original

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transistor BD 540 kvt22 MC100LVELT22 LVELT22 KVT22 MC100LVELT22 abstract
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Abstract: TSC2301 TSC2301 SLAS371A SLAS371A - SEPTEMBER 2002 PROGRAMMABLE TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLLER WITH STEREO AUDIO CODEC FEATURES APPLICATIONS · · SPITM Serial Interface Touch screen Controller ­ 4-Wire Touch Screen Interface ­ Internal Detection of Screen Touch and Keypad Press ­ Touch Pressure Measurement ­ Ratiometric Conversion ­ Programmable 8, 10 or 12 Bit Resolution ­ Programmable Sampling Rates Up to 125 kHz ­ Direct Battery Measurement (0 to 6 V) ­ On-Chip Temperature Measurement ­ 4-by ... Original

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TSC2301 SLAS371A TSC2301 abstract
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Over 1.1 million files (1986-2016): html articles, reference designs, gerber files, chemical content, spice models, programs, code, pricing, images, circuits, parametric data, RoHS data, cross references, pcns, military data, and more. Please note that due to their age, these files do not always format correctly in modern browsers. Disclaimer.
+5.0 V) AN1406/D AN1406/D AN1406/D AN1406/D (105.0kB) 2 100 ECL Clock Distribution
On Semiconductor 29/11/2007 8.39 Kb HTM clockmanagement-v1.htm
/ 3.3V 1:2 Differential LVPECL Clock / Data Fanout Buffer NB6L611/D NB6L611/D NB6L611/D NB6L611/D (105.0kB) 1 Gate MC10117/D MC10117/D MC10117/D MC10117/D (105.0kB) 7 100 Dual 3-Input 3-Output NOR Line Receiver MC10216/D MC10216/D MC10216/D MC10216/D (105.0kB) 7 100 LED Driver (105.0kB) 7 100 Quad Line Receiver MC10115/D MC10115/D MC10115/D MC10115/D (82.0kB Triple 2-Input Exclusive OR/Exclusive NOR Gate MC10107/D MC10107/D MC10107/D MC10107/D (105.0kB) 7 100
On Semiconductor 28/09/2007 88.06 Kb HTM differentiallogic.htm
Designing with PECL (ECL at +5.0 V) AN1406/D AN1406/D AN1406/D AN1406/D (105.0kB) 2 100
On Semiconductor 29/11/2007 13.11 Kb HTM differentiallogic-v1.htm
(105.0kB) 3 100 Amplifier Transistor NPN 2N5550/D 2N5550/D 2N5550/D 2N5550/D (88.0kB Dual General Purpose Transistors MBT3904DW1T1/D MBT3904DW1T1/D MBT3904DW1T1/D MBT3904DW1T1/D (105.0kB) 5 100 , 60V 6 A Low VCE(sat) NSS60601MZ4/D NSS60601MZ4/D NSS60601MZ4/D NSS60601MZ4/D (105.0kB) 0 100 One
On Semiconductor 28/09/2007 122.37 Kb HTM bipolartransistors.htm
MC74LVX259/D MC74LVX259/D MC74LVX259/D MC74LVX259/D (105.0kB) 2 100 8-Bit Addressable Latch/1-of-8 Decoder (105.0kB) 6 100 Hex Non-Inverting 3-State Outputs Buffer 100 Octal Bus Buffer/Line Driver (TTL Compatible) MC74VHCT240A/D MC74VHCT240A/D MC74VHCT240A/D MC74VHCT240A/D (105.0kB Outputs MC74VHCT257A/D MC74VHCT257A/D MC74VHCT257A/D MC74VHCT257A/D (105.0kB) 4 100 Quad 2-Channel
On Semiconductor 27/09/2007 117.04 Kb HTM standardlogic.htm
2.5V / 3.3V 1:2 Differential LVPECL Clock / Data Fanout Buffer NB6L611/D NB6L611/D NB6L611/D NB6L611/D (105.0kB
On Semiconductor 28/09/2007 26.84 Kb HTM clockmanagement.htm
& Camera EMI Filter with ESD Protection NUF8152MU/D NUF8152MU/D NUF8152MU/D NUF8152MU/D (105.0kB) 0 100
On Semiconductor 28/09/2007 28.53 Kb HTM circuitprotection.htm
Regulators MC79L00/D MC79L00/D MC79L00/D MC79L00/D (105.0kB) 8 100 100 mA Positive Voltage
On Semiconductor 28/09/2007 109.27 Kb HTM powermanagement.htm