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PMP4518 Texas Instruments BALLAST 50V@1.4A visit Texas Instruments
PMP5940 Texas Instruments Boost (50V @ 1A) visit Texas Instruments
PMP5660.2 Texas Instruments Multi-Transformer 2x25V (50V@700mA) visit Texas Instruments
PMP4308 Texas Instruments 50V DC input 20A Battery Charger visit Texas Instruments
PMP5660 Texas Instruments Multi-Transformer 2x25V?50V@700mA, 390V@192mA visit Texas Instruments
PMP2388.3 Texas Instruments Flyback, Buck for DSL (50V @ 50mA) visit Texas Instruments

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Part : SHK.01UF50V+-20%Z5U Supplier : Surge Components Manufacturer : Bristol Electronics Stock : 2,767 Best Price : - Price Each : -
Part : COND ELECTROLITICO 0,1UF 50V Supplier : - Manufacturer : Chip One Exchange Stock : 63 Best Price : - Price Each : -
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Abstract: %, 0603 TDK, C1608X7R1E104M 4 10 C1-C6, C8, C9-C13 CAP., X5R, 0.1µF, 50V, 20%, 0805 TDK , D2 BAT54C 3 2 2 D1 BAT54C C9 0.1uF 50V R5 4.99K TP3 SDI 3 TP5 WP , REFADJB 1 EXT. 2 3 GND C3 0.1uF 50V C10 0.1uF 50V VCC C2 0.1uF 50V JP1 REFADJA 1 EXT. 2 3 GND C8 10uF 16V C1 10uF 16V 4 3 2 1 C12 0.1uF 50V 3 , S1 S2 R3 10K VCC C13 0.1uF 50V C6 0.1uF 50V M-SPAN 1 C5 0.1uF 50V Linear Technology
DC1546A LTC2754-16 DC590

275V 0.1uF Capacitor

Abstract: 471KD05 LD10-20B03 220uF/10V 0.1uF/50V P6KE6.8A LD10-20B05 220uF/10V 0.1uF/50V P6KE6.8A LD10-20B09 120uF/25V 0.1uF/50V P6KE12A LD10-20B12 120uF/25V 0.1uF/50V P6KE20A LD10-20B15 120uF/25V 0.1uF/50V P6KE20A LD10-20B24 68uF/35V 0.1uF/50V P6KE30A
RS Components
471KD05 275V 0.1uF Capacitor ld1020 240 110 voltage converter 20b09 5d9 capacitor IEC61000 UL60950 EN60601 IEC60950 264VAC 50/60H


Abstract: 50V 100uf D2 0.1uF/50V C53 0.1uF/50V MBRS260T3 + 10uF/50V_UM 36V ZD1 LUXEON_K2 W N1 , 68uH + L1 2 3 4 R48 0.1uF/50V_UM 0_UM R47 0.1uF/50V_UM 0_UM N2 TEST_PIN + Center Front Side C42 + + + 0.1uF/50V 0.1uF/50V C8 10uF/50V_UM C57 , /50V C6 + + C28 10uF/50V C76 MBRS260T3 + + C85 C75 0.1uF/50V + , C16 C17 0.1uF/50V + C77 + C78 0.1uF/50V 10uF/50V + C80 10uF/50V +
RAPC722X CHS-06B 50V 100uf 100uF 50v upd168804 upc1688 BOARD CCB2 F/50V PA2756GR LM2940IMP-5 PC2905A


Abstract: UPD78F0756 SO11/P37 SI11/P36 SCK11/P35 Q604 D 1A 1B 2A 2B 1 VDD C401 0.1uF/50V R611 10K , TOOL 5 R616 1K SN74LVC2G125DCT C502 0.1uF/50V CMD_3 R615 4.7K 3 C505 1uF/25V , C501 0.1uF/50V /1OE VDD 1A /2OE 2Y 1Y GND 2A 8 7 6 5 VBUS U501 uPD78F0730 , -40 R508 R506 1K 10K A C503 0.1uF/50V R511 330 A R518 100K PROG C506 C507 0.1uF , /50V C110 0.1uF/50V C111 10uF/50V K TP104 HK-1-S 1 R109 0.33/0.25W A C101
TP601 SN75176BD VR602 RB055L-40 JP402 TP102 UPD78F0756 R614 78k0/ib2 on161 TP602 PD78F0756 SW401 CAS-220TB1 ML-800S1V

dale r025f

Abstract: Dale R015F resistor C1 390uf 6.3V C12 0.1uf 50V R2C 0.015 D1 B530 R4 10k Q4 Si4884 8 VREF , C3, C5, C6, C12, C13 YJ0805Y104MXAAT Vishay/Sprague(1) 0.1µF, 50V, X7R ceramic cap 5 , 100k C2 2.2nF 50V R1 2k VIN = 5V C3 0.1µF 50V C5 0.1µF 50V 1 3 5 2 , C13 0.1µF C6 0.1µF 50V D2 SD103BWS C10 33µF 35V 4 4 Q1 Si4800DY 1,2,3 5 , 10 VIN C5 0.1µF 50V C11 33µF 35V The circuit shows a low cost way to generate two
Micrel Semiconductor
WSL-2512-R015-F MIC4452BM dale r025f Dale R015F resistor Dale R015F r020f MIC2182 300KH 600KH SSOP-16 594D397X06R3R2T TAJA475M016R


Abstract: sp0503 SHDNB 1 2 3 LDOOUT 2 4 2.7K T2 GND C48 0.1UF 50V 10 P0.0 P0.1 P0.2 P0 , C49 0.1UF 50V 0603 JTAG PROGRAMMING 1 J4 0603 VBUS A VIN T25 0805 0 , .7 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 P2.0 P2.1 SCL SDA P2.4 P2.5 P2.6 P2.7 C4 0.1UF 50V , 1000 PF R49 1210 GH_CH1 T47 C24 0.1UF 50V 0603 0603 1210 T50 C28 25V , C29 0.1UF 50V 0603 C32 25V 22uf 0603 C33 25V 22uf 1210 1210 T54 C42 1uF
SP0503BAHTG FDS8984 sp0503 altium SDA 2086 C8051F320-GQ XRP7704-40 XRP7704EVB

MSP 3460 G

Abstract: MSP430G2001 bq500210 www.ti.com SLUSAL8 ­ JUNE 2011 VIN C26 0.1uF 50V Buck Regulator VCC 3V3_VCC VIN U5 VIN , 50V R7 20m J4 C6 10uF 50V C25 0.1uF 50V GND COMP TPS54231 D1 MBR0540 R1 10K0 R5 AGND C2 47uF 6.3V C32 0.1uF 50V GND N/C TLV70033 C8 0.1uF 50V AGND R36 309K Q3 BC847CL C17 0.1uF 50V INA199A2 2 R32 AGND R3 10R 1R AGND AGND AGND R37 76K8 , 3 PWM BOOT 2 7 EN/PG U6 PH 8 LGATE 5 4 GND C16 0.1uF 50V C9 0.1uF 50V GND TPS28225D
Texas Instruments
MSP 3460 G MSP430G2001


Abstract: PPM-Series FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2 External Typical Value Model C1 C2 PPM10-E-3.3ELF 220µF/10V 0.1µF/50V PPM10-E-05ELF 220µF/10V 0.1µF/50V PPM10-E-09ELF 120µF/25V 0.1µF/50V PPM10-E-12ELF 120µF/25V 0.1µF/50V PPM10-E-15ELF 120µF/25V 0.1µF/50V PPM10-E-24ELF 68µF/35V 0.1µF/50V TVS P6KE6
Peak Electronics
PPM10-E-xxELF PPM10-E- 85-264VAC 120-370VDC D-55299 MIL-HDBK-217F F/400V
Abstract: 5 4 3 2 1 REVISION HISTORY ECO REV _ 3 DESCRIPTION APPROVED DATE PRODUCTION WALKER B. 09-25-13 D D GND E1 C11 0.1uF 50V E2 EN/UV SYNC C C12 0.1uF 50V C3 4.7uF 50V 1206 L2 4.7uH C10 4.7uF 50V 1206 + C1 22uF 63V SUNCON 63CE22BS C2 2.2uF 50V 1206 C13 0.1uF 50V 0603 U1 LT8610ABEMSE R1 1M 5 R6 OPT 4 E6 E5 1 3 2 1 SYNC GND 13 JP1 GND 6 2 C7 1uF 0603 25V 3 R2 Linear Technology

6 function rc toy cars

Abstract: wireless charging Qi 3V3_VCC VIN R33 1R R9 1K0 I_SENSE VIN 1 AGND 3 U3 6 + 4 - 5 C23 0.1uF 50V R7 20m C26 0.1uF 50V U5 VIN BOOT Buck Regulator L1 330uH 3V3_VCC R21 22R 3V3_ADC R36 309K Q3 BC847CL C17 0.1uF 50V INA199A2 2 R32 AGND R3 10R 1R ENA is no-connect! ENA SS , AGND AGND AGND AGND C25 0.1uF 50V VDD UGATE 1 C29 0.22uF 50V C15 47nF 100V C27 22uF 25V GND COMP TPS54231 C2 47uF 6.3V C32 0.1uF 50V C7 4.7uF 10V C8 0.01uF 50V 3 DPWM-1A 2
Texas Instruments
6 function rc toy cars wireless charging Qi bq51013 wirelesspower

smd diode r6a

Abstract: R12C N/A 33k VR1 10K R23B 100k C17D 0.1uF,50V 22R 4.7R R52 R43 330R,1W R45 Q8 ZX5T853 0.1uF,50V R3 22k C17A 1000uF,35V GND R12B N/A R51 +5v R23A 100k C17C 0.1uF,50V 0.1uF,100V Q2C IRF6665 R19B R19C Q1C IRF6665 R22B 10K C1 , 1N4148 0.1uF,50V 0.47uF, 400V C13B 4.7R R16C 3.9K R17C R15C 10K 10K 1N4148 13 , HO2 VB2 9 8 11 10 R22C 10K 25 C10A 0.1uF,50V 26 NC VS3 OTP1
International Rectifier
smd diode r6a IRAUDAMP11 IRS2053M

schematic diagram 200v dc voltage regulator

Abstract: PIR1001 flow to the divices 2.2mH 86mA PIL201 C0805C104K5RACTU 0.1uF 50V 2.2mH 86mA PIL101 , 1% 5.62k PIR120 COR12 0R PIR1402 PIL302 COC13 C13 GND1 0.1uF 50V COL3 L3 DNP PIL301 PIC1301 C1206C104K5RAC PIC1302 COC12 C12 0.1uF 50V GND1 PIC1202 PIC1201 , , CERM, 0.1uF, 50V, 10%, X7R, 0805 CAP, CERM, 0.22uF, 25V, 10%, X7R, 0805 CAP, AL, 47uF, 50V, +/-20% , , 100V, 5%, C0G/NP0, 0805 CAP, CERM, 0.1uF, 50V, 10%, X7R, 0603 CAP, CERM, 0.1uF, 50V, 10%, X7R, 1206
National Semiconductor
LM3481 schematic diagram 200v dc voltage regulator PIR1001 diode 9508 PIR1101 RD187 equivalent of pic601 RD-187 EN55022 CSP-9-111C2 CSP-9-111S2

220UF 16V

Abstract: AVX08055 +12V/125mA C3 220µF 16V ON GND SOP-8 D2 C4 0.1µF 50V R3* 5­8 Return R1 26.1k 1% R2 2.94k 1% C2 220µF 16V C5 0.1µF 50V R4* ­12V/125mA * R4 and R5 are , C4, C5 AVX08055C103MAT2A AVX 0.1µF 50V 2 D1, D2 B260A Vishay-Diode, Inc.(Note 1
Micrel Semiconductor
MIC4680BM TPSE227016R0100 VP1-0059 220UF 16V AVX08055 TPSC156020R0450


Abstract: MIC2605 FB VDD SS PGND 3 EN J4 VOUT 32V 1 R1 12.4k 6 C4 1µF/50V C5 N.U. 5 R2 C3 0.1µF/50V J5 GND 8 C2 0.1µF/50V 7 Bill of Materials Item Part Number , AVX(2) 08055D105MAT C1 Description (1) AVX 1 Capacitor, 1µF, 50V , X5R, Size 0805 (3) Vishay Capacitor, 0.1µF, 50V, X7R, Size 0603 AVX(2) (4) 1 Capacitor, 0.1µF, 16V , X7R, Size 0603 Murata (3) Vishay Capacitor, 0.1µF, 50V, X7R, Size 0603 AVX(2) (4
Micrel Semiconductor
MIC2605 GRM188R71C104KA01D capacitor 1uF 50v CRCW060310K0FKEA MIC2605/6 20VDC 5VVIN20 M9999-092908-B


Abstract: Duracell mn1500 IVCREF VSS2 SEG6 SEG7 0.1uf /50v SEG8 SEG9 SEG10 FAN_EN FAN_HIGH P5.0 P0.7 P0.6 P0.5 P0 , VIN GND VOUT 220uF/50V U2 3 2 1 VIN VOUT GND C6 + 0.1uF/50V LM1117-3.3 10uF , 10uF/25V Power Supply 10uF/50V + C14 0.1uF/50V BT1 BATTERY R14 0 + C13 BT2 , _5V (maximum 5V) must be divided to 2/5th of itself before ADC conversion. 2.3.6 LCD DISPLAY 0.1uf /50v C24 CA U5 CB 0.1uf /50v C25 VLC3 0.1uf /50v C26 VLC2 0.1uf /50v C27 VLC1 0.1uf /50v C29
Samsung Electronics
s3f84zb Duracell mn1500 relay 5v 100 ohm used in remote control for home 220v ac fan controller through remote HM1500 code lock circuit flow chart S3F84ZB MN1500 1N5820

Z39 SOT-23

Abstract: N0BST4 BST4 N0GH4 GH4 N0LX4 LX4 N0GL4 GL4 GND N0VOUT0FB0CH3 VOUT_FB_CH3 C21 0.1UF 50V , T35 C71 0.1UF 50V CH3 BuckSupply_CH3 N0BST3 BST3 GND GH3 N0GH3 GND N0LX3 LX3 , VIN SPX1117M3-L-5-0 0805 U200 P0T3300 C65 0.1UF 50V P0C7102 P0C7101 P0T3400 GND P0C6602 P0C6601 C19 0.01uF 50V 0805 P0C6502 P0C6501 C20 0.1UF 50V , GND P0C2302 P0C2301 C C23 0.1UF 50V GND VIN N0VIN J17 VCCD N0VCCD J16
Texas Instruments
Z39 SOT-23 76PL536 SLUSA08A


Abstract: P0C3302 GL4 GND N0VOUT0FB0CH3 VOUT_FB_CH3 C13 0.1UF 50V C56 0.01uF 50V GND AGND , N0AVDD AVDD T33 37 C57 0.1UF 50V P0U4040 P0U4027 T32 VOUT_FB_CH1 0603 GND , LDOOUT P0T3000 C52 0.1UF 50V N0VOUT0FB0CH1 VOUT_FB_CH1 P0C5702 P0C5701 P0T3100 GND P0C5302 P0C5301 C10 0.01uF 50V 0805 P0C5202 P0C5201 C12 0.1UF 50V P0C1002 P0C1001 , 0603 GND P0C1502 P0C1501 C C15 0.1UF 50V GND P0T7400 T74 N0VIN1 VIN1 VIN2
P0R5402 P0C5502 P0C3302 si7892bdp P0C4302 P0C3301 P0R20102 P0U4032 P0U4033 P0U4034 P0U4035 P0U4036


Abstract: t58b REVISED SEPTEMBER 2012 www.ti.com VIN C26 0.1uF 50V PH VSEN VCC 3V3_VCC VIN C21 0.01uF 50V , 1K0 I_SENSE 1 AGND 3 U3 6 + 4 - 5 DC Jack 19 Vin AGND C23 0.1uF 50V R32 1R R7 20m C6 10uF 50V C25 0.1uF 50V GND COMP TPS54231 D1 MBR0540 R1 10K0 R5 C2 47uF 6.3V C32 0.1uF 50V GND N/C TLV70033 C8 0.1uF 50V AGND R36 390K Q3 BC847CL C17 0.1uF 50V INA199A2 2 AGND AGND R37 76K8 AGND R3 10R VDD UGATE 1 C29 0.1uF 50V GND AGND 470R
P0R3101 P0R2902 SP0503BA t58b N0P101 N0P200 P0U4038 P0U401 P0U4025 P0U4024 P0U4023 P0U4022
Abstract: REVISED SEPTEMBER 2012 www.ti.com VIN C26 0.1uF 50V PH VSEN VCC 3V3_VCC VIN C21 0.01uF 50V , 1K0 I_SENSE 1 AGND 3 U3 6 + 4 - 5 DC Jack 19 Vin AGND C23 0.1uF 50V R32 1R R7 20m C6 10uF 50V C25 0.1uF 50V GND COMP TPS54231 D1 MBR0540 R1 10K0 R5 C2 47uF 6.3V C32 0.1uF 50V GND N/C TLV70033 C8 0.1uF 50V AGND R36 390K Q3 BC847CL C17 0.1uF 50V INA199A2 2 AGND AGND R37 76K8 AGND R3 10R VDD UGATE 1 C29 0.1uF 50V GND AGND 470R Texas Instruments
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