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Manufacturer Tagged Keywords & Phrases

Terms - Terms Terms - Terms Terms - Terms - Partners Terms - Terms Terms - Terms Terms - Terms Terms - Terms Terms - Terms Terms - Terms - Valukumpu Terms - Terms - Sullins Terms - Terms - Microplastics Terms - Terms - FCT Terms - Terms - ALS Terms - Terms - Our Philosophy Terms - Terms - Our Customers Terms - Terms - Our Support Team Terms - Terms - Our Products Terms - Terms - Our Factories Terms - Terms Terms - Terms - Latest News Terms - Terms Terms - Terms - UK Head Office Terms - Terms - U S A Terms - Terms - Australia / N Zealand Terms - Terms - Europe / Israel Terms - Terms Terms - Terms - China / HK / Japan / S Korea Terms - Terms - Cambridge Connectors 3G, 6G, 12G SDI RF Coaxial for Broadcast; D Subminiature; Mixed Layout D Subminiature; DIN 41612; Edgecard; RJ45 Modular; Accessories and more Terms - Terms - System Connections Manufacturing Services including Cable Assemblies, Harnesses, Looms, Panel and Box Assembly, Procurement, Design and Test Terms - Terms - Custom Products Custom Products from concept, design, prototyping and production Terms - Terms - Baluns G.703 Baluns for Legacy Telecom Systems including Dual Box, Modular, Wall Mount and Panel Mount Styles Terms - Terms - 6G LOGO Terms - Terms - Real 75 ohm coaxial connectors for 3G SDI Broadcast Applications Terms - Terms Terms - Terms - Precision 6GHz DIN 1.0/2.3 Multi-Connector System for (CXP) CoaXPress® Applications Terms - Terms - 6 GHz Precision 1.0/2.3 connectors for High Speed High Definition Video Applications such as 4K "ULTRA HD" TV and CoaXPress Terms - Terms - UK Office Terms - Terms Terms - Terms - Australia and N Zealand Terms - Terms - China / Hong Kong / Japan / S Korea Terms - Terms - Connectors Terms - Terms - Contacts Terms - Terms - Hoods Terms - Terms Terms - Terms - 12G-SDI, 6G-SDI 3G-SDI Patch Cables and Adaptors 12GHz, 6GHz and 12GHz Patch leads and RF/Coaxial adaptors for 12G-SDI, 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI High Definition High Speed Video Boadcast Applications Terms - Terms - RF Coaxial RF Coaxial Connectors, BNC, SMA, SMB, N Series, MCX, MMCX, 1.0/2.3, 1.6/5.6, TNC, Type 43, Twinax, Inter series adapters. Terms - Terms - D Sub Accessories Hoods, Waterproof Hoods, Mixed Layout Hoods, Gender Changers, Screwlocks, slide locks, spring latches, jackscrews, etc. Terms - Terms - Edgecard Edgecard connectors with 039 (1.0mm), .050, .100, .125, .150, .156 spacing and a variety of contact options including straight dip solder/right angle dip solder, wire wrap, press fit etc. Also includes Make before Break and Bi-level options. Pin Terms - Terms - DIN 41612 Standard , half and quarter body and mixed layout styles. Available in a number of pre-configured body sizes - B, Q, C, R, C/2, C/4, D, and contact arrangements - 64, 96, 48, 21, 32. M, M2 and M3 available with mixed signal, power and coaxial c Terms - Terms - RJ45 Modular Modular RJ45 Jacks and Sockets and Harmonicas. RJ45 integrated magnetic connectors widely used in network connectivity. Terms - Terms - Telco Cables TELCO - We use only quality components from manufacturers such as Tyco (TM), Amp Champ (TM), Amphenol (TM) in the manufacture of custom telco leads, hydras, octopus assemblies, BT CW 1308, cat3, cat 5, 200/300/500 series, wired patch panels, Terms - Terms - Coaxial/RF Assemblies COAX - All types of coaxial and RF assemblies are manufactured including semi rigid, true (real) 75 ohm BNC, single core, shotgun, 4/8/16 core cable, video connectors and cable, patch panels, through couplers. Fully cabled assemblie Terms - Terms - Datacom Cables DATA COMMS - D subminiature, standard HD 20 and high density HD 22 - 9, 15, 25, 26, 37, 44, 50 and 62 way. SCSI, DVI, VMDCI. V35, MRAC, XLR, DIN, Mini DIN, RCA-phono, MDR, SDL. Waterproof D subminiature, mixed layout/ combination RF power, Terms - Terms - CAT 5/6 Patch Cables PATCH CABLES - Network cat5e,cat6 patch cables - shielded and unshielded, all standard colours, booted and unbooted, 110 patch cable, 2pr, 3pr and 4pr. Also cross over and roll over cables. RJ45/RJ48jack extension/extender cables. St Terms - Terms - Telephone Cables TELEPHONE CABLE - RJ10 - 4P4C, RJ11 - 6P6C, RJ12 - 6P4C, RJ45/RJ48. BT plugs, 430, 431, 630, 631. Straight cordage or curly cords, various colours to order. RJ and BT jack assemblies for conversion/extensions. Terms - Terms - MDR System MDR NEW 3M (TM) MDR Miniature Delta Ribbon Assemblies, Lengths And Configurations To Order - 14, 20, 26, 36, 50 And 69 Ways - Shielded Cable. Terms - Terms - Fibre Products FIBRE - Fibre optic patch and pigtail cables, connectors, attenuators, patch panels, breakout boxes. Single node, multimode, OM3, ST, SC, MTRJ, FC, LC, Escom, FDDI, SMA, MU and E2000 Terms - Terms - SDL System AMP Tyco SDL shielded data link assemblies, with or without boots - 4, 6, 8 & 16 way and 5 keying options for plug, and can be supplied as a single end, double end or terminated to any other connection required. Terms - Terms - Adapters ADAPTERS - Custom made adapters and converters. RJ10, RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 plug and sockets (jacks). Splitters, dongles, modular adapters, RJ45 to D Subminiature. Terms - Terms - Harness Assemblies CABLE HARNESSES - Custom cable harnesses, looms, KOPEX conduits, ribbon assemblies. Interface boxes and enclosures, fully assembled Molex (TM) KK, mini fit and micro fit. Amp - Tyco mate 'n' lock(TM), Harwin (TM) JST SXH, SSH SZH, SPH. Terms - Terms - Circular Assemblies CIRCULAR - Cable assemblies, cable forms using most types of standard multipole round/circular connectors. (Lemo, Bulgin, Binder, Hirose, Amphenol, Tyco, Lumberg, DIN, Fischer, Souriau, ITT)(tm). Shielded, unshielded, audio - visual c Terms - Terms - Panels PANELS - Patch panels, interface panels, chassis and enclosures, RF coaxial, F type, RJ45, DDF. Assembled and unassembled. Design and development service available. Terms - Terms - Power and Data Management POWER AND DATA SYSTEMS - Mains power cables and cords for UK, European, Schuko, USA and all intrnational types. Fig 8, IEC, kettle leads, low voltage dc. Power and data management systems, floor mounting, desking modules, patch Terms - Terms - Moulded Assemblies MOULDED - Custom moulded assemblies available for large or small volumes. D subminiature, circular, multipole, RJ45 for medical, telecom, instrumentation and general electronic applications. Design and development service available. Terms - Terms - DIN 41612 Assemblies DIN 41612 - Euro Din 41612 1/4, 1/2, Type B, Type C, 21/32/64/96 Way Solder, IDC, Crimp And Wirewrap With Backshells, Covers, Index Cable - Shielded And Unshielded Cable Terms - Terms - Cable Forms Terms - Terms - Panels/Enclosures Terms - Terms - Mouldings Terms - Terms - Tooling Terms - Terms - Custom Baluns Terms - Terms - D-Subminiature D-Sub Terms - Terms - D-Sub Mixed Layout Terms - Terms - D-Sub Filter Connectors Terms - Terms - ΜTCA Power Connectors Terms - Terms - D-Sub High Density Terms - Terms - Non-Magnetic Connectors Terms - Terms - Steel Free Connectors Terms - Terms - Metal Terms - Terms - Plastic Terms - Terms Terms - Terms - FMK Series
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