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UM68681 Others Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter Scan PDF

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1999 - UM6868A

Text: compatibility to UM6868A with 128-byte SRAM, the user's source code can not be changed. For example : LDX

PDF NT6880 NT6880 UM6868A um6868 counter 7469 Novatek TCON 6502 CPU 1mhz 8084 microcontroller NT6880H 1/RBS 6502 8084 microcontroller block diagram 6502 keyboard controller

Text: GTR C 11 18 □ «KO C 12 17 □ 63ft RS0 C 13 18 □ BCÖ RS, C 14 18 3 vcc UM68681 Dual

OCR Scan
PDF UM6551 16X-125KB/sec um6868 A2C5 MDDI UM68681
Not Available

Text: /W 0 C O 0 m 27 □ 4-2 UM68681 v ' ■■■■■■■â

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PDF UM6551

Text: with Adapter B/D which including EVA Chip and EPROM KBD IC (40DIP) ( UM6868A Pin Compatible) Demo

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PDF 60C68A 16bit 12MHz@ 40DIP) UM6868A DMC60C68A) DMC60C68A um6868 daewoo capacitor 220 ohm resister 80C51 DMC60C68A resister 220 ohm TH18F um686
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