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SN65LVCP1414RLJR SN65LVCP1414RLJR ECAD Model Texas Instruments 14.2-GBPS Quad Channel, Dual Mode Linear Equalizer 38-WQFN -40 to 85
DP83848EVV/NOPB DP83848EVV/NOPB ECAD Model Texas Instruments 48-LQFP
DP83640TVVX/NOPB DP83640TVVX/NOPB ECAD Model Texas Instruments IEEE 1588 precision time protocol PHYTER™ Ethernet physical layer transceiver 48-LQFP -40 to 85
DP83849IVSX/NOPB DP83849IVSX/NOPB ECAD Model Texas Instruments PHYTER DUAL Ind Temp with Flexible Port Switching Dual Port 10/100 Mb/s Eth Phys Layer Transceiver 80-TQFP -40 to 85
DP83848IVVX/NOPB DP83848IVVX/NOPB ECAD Model Texas Instruments PHYTER Industrial Temperature Single Port 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver 48-LQFP -40 to 85
DS100BR410SQX/NOPB DS100BR410SQX/NOPB ECAD Model Texas Instruments Low Pwr Quad Ch Repeater with 10.3125 Gbps Equalizer and De-Emphasis Driver 48-WQFN -40 to 85

uPA812TGB-T1 datasheet (1)

Part ECAD Model Manufacturer Description Type PDF
uPA812TGB-T1 uPA812TGB-T1 ECAD Model NEC High-Frequency Low Noise Amplifier NPN Silicon Epitaxial Transistor (with Built-in 2 x 2SC4227) Small Mini Mold Original PDF
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