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2003 - ct Potentiometer

Abstract: l008 S3882P AR9001U-2NG 2N2222 S3882 marking C.S
Text: S3882P Semiconductor Current Mode PWM Controller Descriptions The S3882 is fixed PWM , Type NO. S3882P Marking S3882P Package Code DIP-8 Outline Dimensions unit : mm PIN , 6. Output 7. Vcc 8. Vref KSI-L008-000 1 S3882P Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta , bias Td VPIN 3=0V to 2V KSI-L008-000 2 S3882P Electrical Characteristics(continued , -000 3 S3882P Information in Using IC 1. Under voltage Lockout To prevent erratic output behavior

PDF S3882P S3882 100nsec. 500KHz 100nsec 200pF 100pF KSI-L008-000 ct Potentiometer l008 S3882P AR9001U-2NG 2N2222 marking C.S
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