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Abstract: NCR asic
Text: technology, the NCR92C990's compatibility significantly reduces the difficulty in interfacing a m icrocom , a system reset for the NCR92C990. RX: Receive D ata. This is the receive data input M E N D E C data , appear as one of the others in the NCR92C990. 3. When the first D M A transfer is a data word, the 7990 , N C R NCR92C990 Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 LAN Controller Advance Data Sheet FEATURES Register , 4142 43 NCR92C990 - NC - CS - NC - NC - ADR - R E A D Y - R E S E T - NC -

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PDF NCR92C990 Am7990, 10BASE5 10BASE2 16-bit 24-bit 48-byte T01912N ncr92c990 NCR asic
1997 - STP2000QFP

Abstract: SuperSPARC microsparc ncr92c990 STP2001 CLK32 NCR89C100 scsi T7213
Text: and Interrupts SBUS DVMA Master 8 PROM CS ETHERNET® Controller ( NCR92C990 ) Parallel

PDF STP2000 STP2000QFP 32-bit STP2001 CLK32 STP2000QFP SuperSPARC microsparc ncr92c990 CLK32 NCR89C100 scsi T7213
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