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MD7101_A01 MD7101_A01 ECAD Model AMIC Technology 2.4GHz FSK Receiver Original PDF

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2003 - REGULATOR sr7

Abstract: A7101 SR10 SR12 SR13 SR14 SR15 BIT12 TXH20
Text: MD7101_A01 Preliminary 2.4GHz FSK Receiver Rx module specification MD7101_A01 PRELIMINARY (Oct, 2003, Version 1.0) AMIC Technology, Corp. MD7101_A01 General Description The , 0.0) Remark BER1E-3 1 AMIC Technology, Corp. MD7101_A01 Interface Pin Number Pin , (Oct, 2003, Version 0.0) Note 2 Option. AMIC Technology, Corp. MD7101_A01 Serial to , . MD7101_A01 Crystal Control Register (Write only / Address 0xb) Bit 15 Bit 14 Bit 13 Bit12 Bit11 Bit10 0

PDF MD7101 A7101 100KHz 300uA 64Kbps. 0x05F5. REGULATOR sr7 SR10 SR12 SR13 SR14 SR15 BIT12 TXH20
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