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1999 - DSLAM configuration

Abstract: RFC2516 i90388 APOLLO adsl dac adc apollo 3
Text: Apollo 3 solution consists of a digital chip ( i90388 ), an analog front-end (i80234), and specially , Apollo 3 digital chip ( i90388 ) provides a lowcost solution to enable ADSL access. i90388 includes three , interface. The i90388 digital chip has a built-in PCI 2.1 bus master interface for use as an internal PC , . Package Ø Apollo Digital i90388 - 176-pin LQFP Ø Apollo Analog Front End i80234 - 64-pin LQFP Apollo 3 Digital i90388 ADSL Service Host CPU Memory PCI Bus Integrated Telecom Express

PDF i90388 176-pin i80234 64-pin i90388 DSLAM configuration RFC2516 APOLLO adsl dac adc apollo 3

Abstract: B988 B963 b882 b998 TNETD80 T B834 B975 B834 b978
Text: 1500 1:4.2/1:2 1400 BX2917LNL 3 ADSL/ISDN CPE 1500 1:3/6/1:1.85 200 Itex: I80134, I90388 , I90234

PDF BX8213 B4001 B4003 BX4053 BX8191 BX8192 ST5382 B6014 B6080 bcm6338 B988 B963 b882 b998 TNETD80 T B834 B975 B834 b978
2004 - b978

Abstract: B834 B1056 b965 B1042 BX4053 b1017 b1013 B2086 B973
Text: Chipset BX2274J 3 CO 1500 1.33CS:1CS 1400 B812 Itex: I80134, I90388 , I90234, Apollo 1/2 (DMT/g.lite) ADSL

PDF ST5382 B6014 B6080 B2005 B2013 BX8213 B4001 B4003 BX4053 b978 B834 B1056 b965 B1042 b1017 b1013 B2086 B973
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