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Abstract: tc9123bp tc9124 tc9124ap TC9122P TD6102P tc9122 TD610 8707 Toshiba 01A70
Text: ' ■■< i-ono79A7 TOSHIBA. Fl.ÈCTRONIC :T0SHIBAn ELECTRONIC 05 DÉ| ^TOM? 0010707 3 02EJ 8707 D I 7"-77-0S-05 ECL PRESCALLER TD6102P is an ECL that has been developed as a prescaller for FM/AM PLL synthesizer tuner, and with 1/4 and 1/8 dividing function, performs 25kHz, 50kHz and 75kHz shifting operations. In combination with TC9123BP and TC9124AP, a highly efficient synthesizer tunner can be constituted. • Within a range of temperature from -20^+75°C, the following operations are

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PDF i-ono79A7 -77-0S-05 TD6102P 25kHz, 50kHz 75kHz TC9123BP TC9124AP, 150MHz 10MHz tc9123 tc9124 tc9124ap TC9122P tc9122 TD610 8707 Toshiba 01A70
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