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2004 - FMD1216ME

Text: RF SOLUTIONS PRODUCT OVERVIEW Multimedia Front-Ends Network Interface Modules Digital/Analog Terrestrial Tuners Digital/Analog Cable Tuners RF Input Modules Digital Satellite Tuners Mainstream TV Tuner FMD1216ME FQ1200 MK5 Hybrid DVB-T/Analog multistandard Front-End module with FM radio Environmental-friendly high performance Front-End module Features Features · DVB-T support with AGC-controlled IF output · Multistandard front-end for CCIR B/G, D/K,I and L/L' systems · Standard FM radio

PDF FMD1216ME FQ1200 FMD1216ME Philips TV tuners module td1316 fmd1216 tda10046 FQ1236 FQ1216ME FM1216ME tuv1236d Philips mk5
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