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2000 - EQFP-144

Abstract: eQFP144 LTC2323CUFD-16 DA6 C37
Text: Figure 1. DC1996A Connection Diagram dc1996afb 1 DEMO MANUAL DC1996A ASSEMBLY OPTIONS Table 1 , . DC1996A PScope Screenshot dc1996afb 2 DEMO MANUAL DC1996A HARDWARE SETUP SIGNAL CONNECTIONS J1 , the LTC2323. dc1996afb 3 DEMO MANUAL DC1996A HARDWARE SETUP JP9 –IN1 Coupling: Use this , TEST POINT, TURRET, 0.094" MILL-MAX, 2501-2-00-80-00-00-07-0 dc1996afb 4 DEMO MANUAL DC1996A , LINEAR TECHNOLOGY, LT3021ES8-1.2#PBF dc1996afb 5 DEMO MANUAL DC1996A PARTS LIST ITEM QTY

PDF DC1996A LTC2323/LTC2321 16-Bit/14-Bit/12-Bit, 16-bit, 28-lead LTC2323 20ppm/Â LTC2323, dc1996afb EQFP-144 eQFP144 LTC2323CUFD-16 DA6 C37
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