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    • IXYS
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    "3-phase PFC" "RF MOSFET" 0206-2P2 02M45 048 TK 2837 0820-4N1 08N120 1 phase SCR TRIGGER PULSE TRANSFORMER 1-1059 triac 1.7 KV DUAL 1 GBT DRIVER MAKE CONCEPT TECHNOLOGIE 10-006N 10-06SC 1000-01P 100A 1000V thyristor ixys 100A359 100N160A 100N30C3 100n50 100N50P 100X1200NA 100X600NA 102N30P 10I200PA 10I45PM 10i600 10I600PA 10M45 10M45 FET 10M45 IXYS 10m45s 10M90 10M90S 10N100P 10n50 10N50LA 10n60b 10N60C 10N60PM 10n80 10n80p 10P50P 110-14IO7 110-16NO7 110N055 110N055P 110N055T2 1161 X251 1200V 25N120 120C150QB 120n60 120x20 1213 IXYS 1262-33 12e6k 12N-50F 12N100F 12n50f 12n80 12v dc to 200v ac 3-phase 400 hz pv inverters 130n10 132-16io1 13N60 13n80 140-N3 140n10 14N25 14N250 14N60PM 14N80P 15-12io5 150102N02 150N06P 150n15 154-125 flyback 156 led smd solar outdoor 15I45PA 15N120 15n120 igbt 15N60 160-0055X1 162-16io1 16N50 16N60 16N60A 16N60B 16N80P 170n10 1718a 1800-17E10 180N10T7 18N50 18N50 equivalent 18n50 mosfet 18N50A 18N50B 18N60PM 18v smps schematic 19N250A 19n60 19n60c5 1n100 capacitor 1N100 Equivalent 1R4N120P 2-IAO-QMC-01001 200-06A8T 200-14io1 200n60 20A smps Power Supply Schematic Diagram 20c100pb 20C1200PB 20C200 20C200PB 20C300PB 20C300PN 20c40 20C45 20M45 20n120 20N120 IGBT 20N120D1 20n60c 20N60C5 20N80 20N80Q 20P50 21-05QC 21N50F 2210N50L 2211N50 22514 22n60p 230-16io7 230v ac dc smps circuit 230v dc motor drive circuit diagram with pwm 230v led lamp in watts circuit diagram 23N60 240n055t 240X200 240X200NA 240X400NA 24n100f 24N12 24N120 24N170AH1 24n50l 24n80 24N80P 24v Automatic Voltage Regulator circuit Solar Cha 25-12E7 25-12io1
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