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    "Encoder IC" 014BY 03P4MF 10-pin compander IC 102-170 103-360 1550 nm pump laser EDFA 1552AH 16 pin DOT MATRIX 2088 2.4 GHz rc servo control circuit 25 AMP ROTARY ISOLATOR SWITCH 4 POLE 2p4m equivalent 2P4M in 2P4M PIN DIAGRAM 2P4M scr datasheet 2p6m equivalent 2SA1005 2SA1006 equivalent 2SA1009 2SA1152 2SA1154 2SA1175 2SA1227 2SA1227A 2SA1383 2sA1383 Transistor Equivalent Table 2SA1424 2SA1441 2sa1613 2SA1715 2SA1841 2SA1842 2SA1846 2sa953 equivalent 2SA985 equivalent 2SA985A 2SA991 2SA992 equivalent transistor 2SB1038 2SB1093 2SB1098 2sb1099 2sb1217 "pin-compatible" 2SB536 equivalent 2SB536 NEC 2SB772 equivalent 2SB975 2SC1044 2sc1424 2SC1506 2SC1653 2SC1675 2SC1841 equivalent 2sc2003 equivalent 2SC2148 2SC2150 2sc2275 2sC2335 TRANSISTOR equivalent 2sc2336b 2SC2570A equivalent 2SC2571 2sc2682 2SC2688 2SC2719 2SC2954 equivalent 2sc3012 2SC3217 2SC3217-M 2SC3282 2SC3283 2SC3431 2SC3432 2SC3434 2SC3435 2sc3478a 2SC3514 equivalent 2SC3531 2SC3532 2SC3533 2SC3536 2SC3539 2SC3542 2SC3603 2SC3632 equivalent 2SC3660 2SC3660A 2sc3660a Application note 2sc3733 2SC3742 marking 2SC381 2sC3818 2SC4000 2SC4063 2SC4063 nec 2SC4063 nec transistor 2SC4328 2SC4329 2SC4333 2SC4335 2SC4338 2SC4341 2SC4343 2SC4344 2SC4350 2SC4352 2SC4353 2SC4496 2SC4814 2SD1018 2SD1210 2SD1296 equivalent 2SD1297 equivalent 2SD1298 2SD1491 2sd1557 2SD1557 equivalent CIRCUIT 2SD1564 2sd1691 "pin-compatible" 2SD1694 equivalent 2SD1780 equivalent 2SD382 2SD741 2SJ141 2sj196 2SJ44 2sk 1920 2SK type 2SK104 2SK105 2SK1060 2SK1273 2sk1287 2SK1293 2Sk1482 2SK1500 2SK162 2SK1760 2SK1794 2SK193 application note 2SK195 2SK1953 2SK2158 2SK2396 2SK2396 nec 2SK2477 2SK2597 2SK505 2SK507 2SK514 2SK518
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