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Zymax (5)

Electronic Products

All our products are independently tested to meet the European EMC emission standard EN55022 and surge testing is carried out using the latest test equipment to EN61000-4-5. During the design process our products are subject to the IT safety standard EN60950 and meet the surge immunity requirements of BS6651.

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Datasheet PDF or ZIP
ZIP01-990-001-1 - ZIP01 - ZIPS ZIP01-990-001-1 : ZIP01 (PDF)
ZIP02-990-002-2 - ZIP02 - ZIPS ZIP02-990-002-2 : ZIP02 (PDF)
ZIP03-990-003-1 - ZIP03 - ZIPS ZIP03-990-003-1 : ZIP03 (PDF)
GI 02 Emc - EMC standards PDF - General info GI 02 Emc : EMC standards PDF (PDF)
GI 03 Zone - Zoning PDF - General info GI 03 Zone : Zoning PDF (PDF)

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