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The VOLANO® chat software for the Java™ platform is used by Web sites around the world for community building, distance learning, live events, romance and dating, on-line business meetings, support groups, on-line sales, help desks, chat room hosting, and more. The pure Java VOLANO chat server and its Java applet clients have kept the world chatting on the Internet since 1996.

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Datasheet PDF or ZIP
Volano-2.6 - Download version 2.6 (ZIP archive) - Support Customer Support Volano-2.6 : Download version 2.6 (ZIP archive) (ZIP)
Volano-2.13.0-localhost - Volano-2.13.0-localhost - Download Software Download Volano-2.13.0-localhost : Volano-2.13.0-localhost (ZIP)
License - A PDF file - Buy Now Buy a License License : A PDF file (PDF)
Volano-1.2 - Download version 1.2 (ZIP archive) - Support Customer Support Volano-1.2 : Download version 1.2 (ZIP archive) (ZIP)
Volano-upgrade-2.13.0-localhost - Volano-upgrade-2.13.0-localhost - Download Software Download Volano-upgrade-2.13.0-localhost : Volano-upgrade-2.13.0-localhost (ZIP)
Volano-2.12.0 - Volano-2.12.0 - Version 2.12 Volano-2.12.0 : Volano-2.12.0 (ZIP)
Volano-2.11.0 - Volano-2.11.0 - Version 2.11 Volano-2.11.0 : Volano-2.11.0 (ZIP)
Volano-upgrade-2.12.0 - Volano-upgrade-2.12.0 - Version 2.12 Volano-upgrade-2.12.0 : Volano-upgrade-2.12.0 (ZIP)
Patch-2.11.0 - Patch-2.11.0 - Version 2.11 Patch-2.11.0 : Patch-2.11.0 (ZIP)
Guide26 - Guide26 Guide26 : Guide26 (ZIP)
Phpmember - Phpmember - Member Database Support Phpmember : Phpmember (ZIP)

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