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Unigen (4)

Enterprise Grade Flash Storage DRAM ARMOUR Product

Unigen Corporation, a privately held company, was founded in 1991. It specializes in the design and manufacture of custom enterprise-grade Flash storage, DRAM and ARMOUR product Applications, using its innovative hardware and software expertise.

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Datasheet PDF or ZIP
UGB30STX0256Z6-FAA-2PC - UGB30STX0256Z6-FAA-2PC - RoHS Info UGB30STX0256Z6-FAA-2PC : UGB30STX0256Z6-FAA-2PC (PDF)
UGB90CEU0256C7-EEA-2SD - UGB90CEU0256C7-EEA-2SD - RoHS Info UGB90CEU0256C7-EEA-2SD : UGB90CEU0256C7-EEA-2SD (PDF)
UGB90CEU2000C5-EEG-8TA - UGB90CEU2000C5-EEG-8TA - RoHS Info UGB90CEU2000C5-EEG-8TA : UGB90CEU2000C5-EEG-8TA (PDF)
UGB90CEU2000C5-ESS-8TA - UGB90CEU2000C5-ESS-8TA - RoHS Info UGB90CEU2000C5-ESS-8TA : UGB90CEU2000C5-ESS-8TA (PDF)

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