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Synaflex (7)

Industrial Rubber Products

Synaflex has been producing high-quality industrial rubber products since 1958. Originally housed in a single building, we’ve grown into a major manufacturing complex, serving both national and international markets

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OddShapedExtrusions - Odd Shaped Extrusions - Extrusion Profiles OddShapedExtrusions : Odd Shaped Extrusions (PDF)
LockAndKeyExtrusions - Lock and Key Extrusions - Extrusion Profiles LockAndKeyExtrusions : Lock and Key Extrusions (PDF)
LShapes - "L" Shapes - Extrusion Profiles LShapes : "L" Shapes (PDF)
TadpolePExtrusions - Tadpole "P" Extrusions - Extrusion Profiles TadpolePExtrusions : Tadpole "P" Extrusions (PDF)
TExtrusions - "T" Extrusions - Extrusion Profiles TExtrusions : "T" Extrusions (PDF)
UChannels - "U" Channels - Extrusion Profiles UChannels : "U" Channels (PDF)
HatchCoverExtrusions - Hatch Cover Extrusions - Extrusion Profiles HatchCoverExtrusions : Hatch Cover Extrusions (PDF)

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