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Crystal Technology

SMI is a rising leader of Crystal Technology. We actively contribute to the electronics society, speedily developing advanced crystal products on the basis of steady researches and efforts. We are specialized in the newest SMD versions of crystal units,

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415smx - 1.5x4.1x0.932.768±20~±30-7,9,12.5-40~+85℃ - XTAL 32.768kHz QUARTZ CRYSTAL UNITS 32.678kHz 415smx : 1.5x4.1x0.932.768±20~±30-7,9,12.5-40~+85℃ (PDF)
32smx(a) - 2.5x3.2x0.659.843~150±30±3010-20~+70℃ 32smx(a) : 2.5x3.2x0.659.843~150±30±3010-20~+70℃ (PDF)
32smx(a)custom - 2.5x3.2x0.659.843~150±10~±20±3~±150tbatba 32smx(a)custom : 2.5x3.2x0.659.843~150±10~±20±3~±150tbatba (PDF)
Lbfamily - 4.7x12.4x4.33.579545~80±50±50(AT)±100(BT)18-20~+70℃(AT)-10~+60℃(BT) Lbfamily : 4.7x12.4x4.33.579545~80±50±50(AT)±100(BT)18-20~+70℃(AT)-10~+60℃(BT) (PDF)

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