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Rigel Engineering (11)

Embedded Computing Company

Rigel Engineering is an embedded computing company that provides custom electronics, Single Board Computers (SBC), rugged small form factor systems and carrier cards for military and commercial applications. We have a proven track record of designing and manufacturing custom cards quickly and reliably with little, or in most cases, no NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering expense). We are your Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) development house. Building cards to your specification all the while leveraging the benefits of the COTS life cycle model.

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Datasheet PDF or ZIP
Altair Bd - Block Diagram - SFF Systems Altair Bd : Block Diagram (PDF)
Pc5002 Pb - PC5002 Datasheet - May 15, 2015 – Rigel Engineering Announces Dual 10GbE port PCIe/104 Pc5002 Pb : PC5002 Datasheet (PDF)
Xc5000 Pb - XC5000 Datasheet - January 6, 2014 – Rigel Engineering Debuts Dual 10GbE port XMC Xc5000 Pb : XC5000 Datasheet (PDF)
Altair Pb - Altair Datasheet - September 2, 2014 – Rigel Engineering Announces Altair Family of SFF Systems Altair Pb : Altair Datasheet (PDF)
CB2600 Datasheet - CB2600 Datasheet - November 1, 2013 – Rigel Engineering Introduces Low-Cost COM Express Carrier CB2600 Datasheet : CB2600 Datasheet (PDF)
Cb2600 Bd - Block Diagram - CB2600 Basic-size, COM Express Carrier for Embedded Applications Cb2600 Bd : Block Diagram (PDF)
Pc5002 Bd - Block Diagram - PC5002 Rugged, Dual 10GbE SFP+ card for PCIe/104 & PCI/104-Express Pc5002 Bd : Block Diagram (PDF)
Vp2601 Bd - Block Diagram - VP2601 Rugged, conduction cooled, COM Express, XMC, PMC, MiniPCIe carrier for VPX Vp2601 Bd : Block Diagram (PDF)
Vp3500 Bd - Block Diagram - VP3500 Rugged, conduction cooled, Dual XMC, PMC & Dual MiniPCIe carrier for VPX Vp3500 Bd : Block Diagram (PDF)
Vp2601 Pb - VP2601 Datasheet - September 1, 2013 – Rigel Engineering Introduces COM Express Open VPX carrier Vp2601 Pb : VP2601 Datasheet (PDF)
Vp3500 Pb - VP3500 Datasheet - July 1, 2013 – Rigel Engineering Debuts Low-Cost Rugged OpenVPX Carrier Vp3500 Pb : VP3500 Datasheet (PDF)

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