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Nova Microwave (13)

Microwave RF Products Magnetic Products

Internally, they organize their resources into three business units including capacitive/resistive products, microwave & RF products, and magnetic products. Although ETI is a sizable parent company, it is still privately held. They don't have investor relations, they have customer relations. They're not investor driven, they're customer driven.

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Datasheet PDF or ZIP
Sm - SM - Surface Mount Circulators Sm : SM (PDF)
Sn - SN - Surface Mount Circulators Sn : SN (PDF)
Sa - SA - Surface Mount Isolators Sa : SA (PDF)
Scc - SCC - Surface Mount Circulators Scc : SCC (PDF)
Sb - SB - Surface Mount Isolators Sb : SB (PDF)
Soc - SOC - Surface Mount Circulators Soc : SOC (PDF)
Sc - SC - Surface Mount Isolators Sc : SC (PDF)
Sci - SCI - Surface Mount Isolators Sci : SCI (PDF)
Spc - SPC - Surface Mount Circulators Spc : SPC (PDF)
So - SO - Surface Mount Isolators So : SO (PDF)
Sct - SCT - Surface Mount Circulators Sct : SCT (PDF)
Sp - SP - Surface Mount Isolators Sp : SP (PDF)
Sit - SIT - Surface Mount Isolators Sit : SIT (PDF)

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