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MC Devices (18)

Electronics Products Digital Analog Mixed Chip Modules

US-core integrated circuit (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. by the founder of Jack Yuan Yuan led a number of the United States and Canada to study and work of the Chinese chip designer team in November 2002 set up in Shenzhen. Mainly focused on the design of consumer electronics products, digital-analog mixed-chip modules, and chip modules used in maternal and child safety products.

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0595bc0c-df6e-469a-8843-ea373e4fe151 - MCD5000中文版规格书V1.0 - 带自校准功能的低压电力线载波通信芯片(型号:MCD5000) 带自校准功能的低压电力线载波通信芯片(型号:MCD5000) 0595bc0c-df6e-469a-8843-ea373e4fe151 : MCD5000中文版规格书V1.0 (PDF)
C5388b79-aec2-4716-adf3-2b0229a5a7e2 - MCD2960中文版规格书V1.0 - FM/FSK 收发器的综合芯片(型号:MCD2960) FM/FSK C5388b79-aec2-4716-adf3-2b0229a5a7e2 : MCD2960中文版规格书V1.0 (PDF)
0bd5b6bf-91a2-467f-b771-c537af0a71be - IPC中文说明书 - 美芯婴儿监护器IPC100 无线wifi远程宝宝监控器婴儿网络监视看护器 美芯婴儿监护器IPC100 0bd5b6bf-91a2-467f-b771-c537af0a71be : IPC中文说明书 (PDF)
5f063c30-1058-4286-9629-3d8aad795465 - MCD2006中文版规格书V1.3 - 语音/数据收发器的 内置VCO 锁相环芯片(型号:MCD2006) 语音/数据收发器的 5f063c30-1058-4286-9629-3d8aad795465 : MCD2006中文版规格书V1.3 (PDF)
D75cb98d-50df-4ca8-81c2-c99499474efb - MCD2926中文版规格书V2.5 - 双通道PLL 频率综合器(型号:MCD2926) 双通道PLL D75cb98d-50df-4ca8-81c2-c99499474efb : MCD2926中文版规格书V2.5 (PDF)
92ce0d31-33ad-4dcd-9d01-ae6dafaaf17a - MCD2005中文版规格书V1.3 - 内置VCO 锁相环数据/语音收发芯片组(型号:MCD2005) 内置VCO 92ce0d31-33ad-4dcd-9d01-ae6dafaaf17a : MCD2005中文版规格书V1.3 (PDF)
0fccefb4-53eb-49f1-b607-2120b5f341b0 - MCD2008中文版规格书V1.5-QFN - UHF FM 接收发射芯片组(型号:MCD2008) UHF 0fccefb4-53eb-49f1-b607-2120b5f341b0 : MCD2008中文版规格书V1.5-QFN (PDF)
F989ff60-4a14-41e1-bc00-7dc1fc2c8ae4 - BMW spec. - Baby monitor with sensor pad(Model No.:BMW) Baby F989ff60-4a14-41e1-bc00-7dc1fc2c8ae4 : BMW spec. (PDF)
F945dd42-8932-4317-a651-821fcbcfe416 - BMW manual - Baby monitor with sensor pad(Model No.:BMW) Baby F945dd42-8932-4317-a651-821fcbcfe416 : BMW manual (PDF)
7f3944f8-f9a4-4a92-815e-bca4e16fcff7 - BT01 spec - Audio baby monitor(Model No.:BT01)-Blue Audio 7f3944f8-f9a4-4a92-815e-bca4e16fcff7 : BT01 spec (PDF)
216551e8-d888-4059-aa2a-95c1186280c3 - OT240M manual - Video baby monitor(Model No.:OT240M) Video 216551e8-d888-4059-aa2a-95c1186280c3 : OT240M manual (PDF)
Ee92c89c-1f7a-436d-b59b-b2949ca5ad13 - BT01 manual - Audio baby monitor(Model No.:BT01)-Blue Audio Ee92c89c-1f7a-436d-b59b-b2949ca5ad13 : BT01 manual (PDF)
B5836624-aa45-4cac-bfb8-7c132de9be8b - BT01 spec - Audio baby monitor(Model No.:BT01)-Pink Audio B5836624-aa45-4cac-bfb8-7c132de9be8b : BT01 spec (PDF)
Df8fe08a-3a87-4907-9cbb-36307eeb5c7f - BT01 manual - Audio baby monitor(Model No.:BT01)-Pink Audio Df8fe08a-3a87-4907-9cbb-36307eeb5c7f : BT01 manual (PDF)
028c5688-2f7e-4f80-986b-9d94b1234542 - 700Ford Manual - Audio baby monitor(Model No.:700Ford)-Red Audio 028c5688-2f7e-4f80-986b-9d94b1234542 : 700Ford Manual (PDF)
9f0bff1c-5e73-4efc-ba01-f0650552ac48 - OT240A spec - Video baby monitor(Model No.:OT240A) Video 9f0bff1c-5e73-4efc-ba01-f0650552ac48 : OT240A spec (PDF)
Aaa66835-34e0-4daf-a745-8384757eac0e - OT240A manual - Video baby monitor(Model No.:OT240A) Video Aaa66835-34e0-4daf-a745-8384757eac0e : OT240A manual (PDF)
Be4a327c-fcef-4f19-819a-744e420c034f - 700Ford Manual - Audio baby monitor(Model No.:700Ford)-Blue Audio Be4a327c-fcef-4f19-819a-744e420c034f : 700Ford Manual (PDF)

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