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Technologies Strengthen Our R D Competence

I.M. is working jointly with prominent colleges and research institutions inside and outside Korea to discover promising technologies and strengthen our R&D competence, and also is securing future growth engines by extending new businesses such as sensor heating film, health care and AR-VR, as well as our existing camera module business.

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Download.php?downloadfilename=58997428d5595 - IM 2012 ?Ϲݱ? ??ä??? - [2012 ?Ϲݱ?] ????/???Ի??? ??ä Download.php?downloadfilename=58997428d5595 : IM 2012 ?Ϲݱ? ??ä??? (PDF)
Download.php?downloadfilename=58496d57807a7 - 10????????? - [????????] ??10?? ??????? Download.php?downloadfilename=58496d57807a7 : 10????????? (PDF)
Download.php?downloadfilename=58496cfb6a4b3 - [????????]??9???繫????ǥ - [????????] ??9?? ?繫????ǥ Download.php?downloadfilename=58496cfb6a4b3 : [????????]??9???繫????ǥ (PDF)
Download.php?downloadfilename=58496b4c4509c - [????????]??8???繫????ǥ - [????????] ??8?? ?繫????ǥ Download.php?downloadfilename=58496b4c4509c : [????????]??8???繫????ǥ (PDF)
Download.php?downloadfilename=58496ac1c8139 - (???̿?) Download.php?downloadfilename=58496ac1c8139 : (???̿?) (PDF)

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