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i-Chips Technology (13)

Sumitomo Metals

The product line gradually evolved towards the display market, with devices specializing in image scaling and frame rate conversion. In the year 2000, the Sumitomo Metals Image Processing LSI Division was sold to a third party and became i-Chips Technology, Inc.

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I-Chips-Product-Selection-Guide-Nov-2016 - PRODUCT SELECTION GUIDE I-Chips-Product-Selection-Guide-Nov-2016 : PRODUCT SELECTION GUIDE (PDF)
IP00C788-Brochure - Brochure - IP00C788 IP00C788-Brochure : Brochure (PDF)
I-Chips-C733-Brochure - Brochure - IP00C733 I-Chips-C733-Brochure : Brochure (PDF)
I-Chips-C706-Brochure - Brochure - IP00C706 I-Chips-C706-Brochure : Brochure (PDF)
I-Chips-iEB733-Brochure - Brochure - IP00C733 I-Chips-iEB733-Brochure : Brochure (PDF)
I-Chips-C787-Brochure - Brochure - IP00C787 I-Chips-C787-Brochure : Brochure (PDF)
I-Chips-C790-Brochure - Brochure - IP00C790 I-Chips-C790-Brochure : Brochure (PDF)
I-Chips-C734-Brochure - Brochure - IP00C734 I-Chips-C734-Brochure : Brochure (PDF)
I-Chips-iEB790-Brochure - Brochure - IP00C790 I-Chips-iEB790-Brochure : Brochure (PDF)
I-Chips-iEB734-Brochure - Brochure - IP00C734 I-Chips-iEB734-Brochure : Brochure (PDF)
I-Chips-Product-Selection-Guide-2016 - Product Selection Guide - Products-old I-Chips-Product-Selection-Guide-2016 : Product Selection Guide (PDF)
I-Chips-C755-Brochure - Brochure I-Chips-C755-Brochure : Brochure (PDF)
I-Chips-iEB755L-Brochure - Brochure I-Chips-iEB755L-Brochure : Brochure (PDF)

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