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Joint Tech Electronic Industrial (12)

Electronic Connector Manufacturer

The connector manufacturer, Joint Tech Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd., was founded by President Hsieh in Taipei, Taiwan in 1984. The factory with expansion of size and capacity in Dong Guan in China was established in 1998. Accumulating from over 30 years of experience in electronic connector industry, Joint Tech is capable of providing comprehensive and professional services of tooling design, plastic injection, metal compression, electro-plating, and after services. We are quality connector manufacturer and supplier of electronic connector, wire connector and car connector. with continuous investment on the most advanced laboratory equipment and production facilities, as well as the acquisition of certificates such as SONY GP, IS0 9001, IS014001, OHSAS 18001, and QC080000...etc, the quality is guaranteed to fulfill customers’ needs.

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Datasheet PDF or ZIP
A1024WRC-S-XPNXXXXXXXX - Download  A1024WRC-S-XPNXXXXXXXX : Download  (PDF)
A1024WRD-S-XPNXXXXXXXX - Download  A1024WRD-S-XPNXXXXXXXX : Download  (PDF)
A1254WRA-S-XPNXXXXXXXX---12A2 - Download A1254WRA-S-XPNXXXXXXXX---12A2 : Download (PDF)
A3501HMA-02PNXXXXXXXX - Download  A3501HMA-02PNXXXXXXXX : Download  (PDF)
C2504HMA-XP---A1 - Download  C2504HMA-XP---A1 : Download  (PDF)
F0501WR-S-XPNXXXXXB0X---12A0 - Download  F0501WR-S-XPNXXXXXB0X---12A0 : Download  (PDF)
C2504HMA-XP---A1 - Download  - 2.50mm Pitch Terminal / Housing / Wafer Connector (C2504 Series) C2504HMA-XP---A1 : Download  (PDF)
F0501WR-S-XPNXXXXXB0X---12A0 - Download  - 0.50mm Pitch FFC / FPC Connector SMT Connector (F0501 Series) F0501WR-S-XPNXXXXXB0X---12A0 : Download  (PDF)
A1024WRC-S-XPNXXXXXXXX - Download  - 1.00mm Pitch Terminal / Housing / Wafer SMT Connector A1024WRC-S-XPNXXXXXXXX : Download  (PDF)
A1024WRD-S-XPNXXXXXXXX - Download  - 1.00mm Pitch Terminal / Housing / Wafer SMT Connector A1024WRD-S-XPNXXXXXXXX : Download  (PDF)
A1254WRA-S-XPNXXXXXXXX---12A2 - Download - 1.25mm Pitch Terminal / Housing / Wafer SMT Connector A1254WRA-S-XPNXXXXXXXX---12A2 : Download (PDF)
A3501HMA-02PNXXXXXXXX - Download  - 3.50mm Pitch Housing / Wafer SMT Connector A3501HMA-02PNXXXXXXXX : Download  (PDF)

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