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HEC, INC. (19)

Frequency Control Devices

HEC, INC. is a worldwide leading manufacturer of frequency control devices, supplying to the telecommunications, military and defense, oil drilling, automotive, and commercial product industries to name a few. Our quick lead-times and ability to manufacture specifications and package sizes that exceed industry limits allow us to leap beyond the standard.

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Datasheet PDF or ZIP
Clock Oscillator - HEF & HEH Clock Oscillators Clock Oscillator : HEF & HEH Clock Oscillators (PDF)
Hesmo535 - HE-SMO-533 (3.3V) Hesmo535 : HE-SMO-533 (3.3V) (PDF)
HESMO180-10PPM - HE-SMO-190 (3.3V) HESMO180-10PPM : HE-SMO-190 (3.3V) (PDF)
Hesmo250 - HE-SMO-250 (2.5V) Hesmo250 : HE-SMO-250 (2.5V) (PDF)
Hesmo120 - HE-SMO-120 (5V) Hesmo120 : HE-SMO-120 (5V) (PDF)
Hesmo130 - HE-SMO-130 (3.3V) Hesmo130 : HE-SMO-130 (3.3V) (PDF)
Hespo Spec - 3 Hespo Spec : 3 (PDF)
Heto5 - HE-TO-5 Heto5 : HE-TO-5 (PDF)
HETXO758 - HE-TXO-758 HETXO758 : HE-TXO-758 (PDF)
Hetxo10c1 - HE-TXO-10C1 Hetxo10c1 : HE-TXO-10C1 (PDF)
Hetxo10c2 - HE-TXO-10C2 Hetxo10c2 : HE-TXO-10C2 (PDF)
Hetxor42 - HE-TXO-R42 Hetxor42 : HE-TXO-R42 (PDF)
Hetxo007 - HE-TXO-007 Hetxo007 : HE-TXO-007 (PDF)
Hetxo1000 - HE-TXO-1000 Hetxo1000 : HE-TXO-1000 (PDF)
Hesvxo100 - HE-SVXO-100 Hesvxo100 : HE-SVXO-100 (PDF)
Hesvxo200 - HE-SVXO-200 Hesvxo200 : HE-SVXO-200 (PDF)
Hevxod - HE-VXO-D HE-VXO-D8 Hevxod : HE-VXO-D HE-VXO-D8 (PDF)

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