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Zhejiang Honghua (4)

Electronics Components Power Switch Plugs Sockets Connectors

Zhejiang Honghua Electronic Co.,Ltd. located on the southeast seashore of China and at the south foot of the beautiful Yandang Mountain, is specialized in producing electronics components, power switch,plugs & sockets, connectors applied to TV sets, recorders, CD players, vacuum cleaners, sound sets. In addition, the company produces plastic-pressing (big,mid or small) and metallic-pressing parts, and may design all kinds of plastic die sets for our numerous customers also.

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20150704132318-0777-27591 - KBQ-01A系列气动开关 - KBQ-01A Series Pneumatic Swi... KBQ-01A Series Pneumatic Switch 20150704132318-0777-27591 : KBQ-01A系列气动开关 (PDF)
20150704132318-0777-27591 - KBQ-01A系列气动开关 - KBQ-01A系列气动开关 KBQ-01A系列气动开关 20150704132318-0777-27591 : KBQ-01A系列气动开关 (PDF)
20160416151910-0993-52423 - SCA-15A - 德式防水插座SCA-15A 德式防水插座SCA-15A 20160416151910-0993-52423 : SCA-15A (PDF)
20160419173448-0004-25650 - 规格图 - 下一个:SCA-10A 20160419173448-0004-25650 : 规格图 (PDF)

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