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Hongke Electronics (10)

Computer Cable HDMI Cable Cctv Cable Wire Harness Telecommunication Cables Network Cables Fiber Optic Cables Multimedia Cables Lvds Cables

China, Hongke Electronics is a professional company of different kinds of cables, such as computer cable,HDMI cable, cctv cable,wire harness, telecommunication cables, network cables, fiber-optic cables , multimedia cables, Lvds cables and so on, as well as connectors for electronic devices.

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Datasheet PDF or ZIP
CX-CK20101119-01-Model - Drawing - DVR cctv camera cable 1 CX-CK20101119-01-Model : Drawing (PDF)
CX-01GZT120515-03-Model - Drawing - SATA7+15 power data cable(sata cable connector) CX-01GZT120515-03-Model : Drawing (PDF)
CX-01SIS120829-01-Model - Drawing - SCSI cable CX-01SIS120829-01-Model : Drawing (PDF)
CX-03HH111215-01l - Drawing - Network IR high-speed camera cable CX-03HH111215-01l : Drawing (PDF)
DZ-01MXG121023-01-Model - Drawing - LVDS cable(I-PEX20454) DZ-01MXG121023-01-Model : Drawing (PDF)
CX-01SM120809-01-Model - Drawing - rg59 bnc cable(RG59 coaxial cable) CX-01SM120809-01-Model : Drawing (PDF)
CX-01FT110920-01-Mode1l(1) - Drawing - DB-2-15(F) to DB-2-15(M) VGA cable CX-01FT110920-01-Mode1l(1) : Drawing (PDF)
CX-01KSD110709-01-Model - Drawing - RCA audio cable CX-01KSD110709-01-Model : Drawing (PDF)
CX-01YW120206-12-Model - Drawing - HDMI to Mini HDMI cable CX-01YW120206-12-Model : Drawing (PDF)
CX-01WY100903-01-Model - Drawing - 37C matrix cable CX-01WY100903-01-Model : Drawing (PDF)

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