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hobby hour (8)

Guitar Playing RC Models

After a long day at work or after a full week of caring for your home and children, it is time for relaxation, your hobby hour. Hobbies will keep you occupied between work and family, and cultivating a good hobby may have calming or helpful therapeutic side effects.

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Datasheet PDF or ZIP
1451 - Tda2005 Datasheet - Power audio amplifiers 1451 : Tda2005 Datasheet (PDF)
Tda1013b-ph - Tda1013B Datasheet - Power audio amplifiers Tda1013b-ph : Tda1013B Datasheet (PDF)
1460 - TDA2040 Datasheet - Power audio amplifiers 1460 : TDA2040 Datasheet (PDF)
1449 - TDA2003 Datasheet - Power audio amplifiers 1449 : TDA2003 Datasheet (PDF)
40139e - 12c508A - Electronic kits - Digital FM Stereo Transmitter - FM30B 40139e : 12c508A (PDF)
Tda1013b-ph - Tda1013B Datasheet (PDF) - Audio power amplifiers with TDA1013B Tda1013b-ph : Tda1013B Datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
Tda7480-class-d-amp - TDA7480 datasheet (PDF) - TDA7480 10W class D amplifier with TDA7480 Tda7480-class-d-amp : TDA7480 datasheet (PDF) (PDF)
FN3082 - ICL7106 and ICL7107 datasheet - ICL7106 and ICL7107 FN3082 : ICL7106 and ICL7107 datasheet (PDF)

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