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Xiamen Faratronic (5)

Capacitors Manufacturer

Xiamen Faratronic Co.,Ltd., is a world leading professional manufacturer of film capacitors and metallized film.

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Xkz - Ŷ???Ⱦ??????֤ Xkz : Ŷ???Ⱦ??????֤ (PDF)
C42(W) - C42(W)?ĵ? - ???¸?ʪ?????ŵ???????C42(W),X2?? ¸ßθßʪ¿¹¸ÉÈŵçÈÝÆ÷£¨C42(W),X2£© C42(W) : C42(W)?ĵ? (PDF)
C35 - C35?ĵ? - ֱ???˲?????????С?ߴ硢??ȫĤ???ƣ?C35?? Ö±Á÷Â˲¨µçÈÝÆ÷¡¢Ð¡³ß´ç¡¢°²È«Ä¤Éè¼Æ£¨C35£© C35 : C35?ĵ? (PDF)
C35 - C35 - DC-Link capacitor(reduced sizes and safety film) DC-Link C35 : C35 (PDF)
C42(W) - C42(W) - Interference suppression capacitor (Class X2, Temperature Humindity Bias (THB) Interference C42(W) : C42(W) (PDF)

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