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DuraCap (21)

Tungsten Filament Wire

DuraCap International Incorporated traces its roots back to 1916 when Philip Rogers Mallory manufactured tungsten filament wire for light bulb manufacturers. P. R. Mallory met inventive scientist Samuel Ruben in the 1920�s and together developed the mercury cell � forerunner to the alkaline manganese battery that became the Duracell. P.R. Mallory moved his headquarters to Indianapolis in 1924 and the Mallory brand was patented in 1926. The Mallory � Duracell battery was introduced in 1964. Today the brand is a world leader in battery technology.

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Datasheet PDF or ZIP
DuraCapCGS - CGS (Standard) DuraCapCGS : CGS (Standard) (PDF)
DuraCapCGH - CGH (High Ripple 85°C) DuraCapCGH : CGH (High Ripple 85°C) (PDF)
DuraCapCGO - CGO (SMPS Application) DuraCapCGO : CGO (SMPS Application) (PDF)
DuraCapCGR - CGR (High Ripple, Low ESR) DuraCapCGR : CGR (High Ripple, Low ESR) (PDF)
DuraCapCG - CG (Long-life 105°C) DuraCapCG : CG (Long-life 105°C) (PDF)
DuraCapHES - HES (Computer Grade) DuraCapHES : HES (Computer Grade) (PDF)
DuraCapEAP - EAP (Power) DuraCapEAP : EAP (Power) (PDF)
DuraCapEAW - EAW (Welding) DuraCapEAW : EAW (Welding) (PDF)
DuraCapEAN - EAN (Non-polar) DuraCapEAN : EAN (Non-polar) (PDF)
DuraCapEAF - EAF (Photoflash) DuraCapEAF : EAF (Photoflash) (PDF)
DuraCapEASB - EASB (Strobe) DuraCapEASB : EASB (Strobe) (PDF)
DuraCapEAL - EAL (Long life) DuraCapEAL : EAL (Long life) (PDF)
DuraCapDTCG - DTCG (Low Profile Mounting 85°C) DuraCapDTCG : DTCG (Low Profile Mounting 85°C) (PDF)
DuraCapDTCX - DTCX (High Performance 105°C) DuraCapDTCX : DTCX (High Performance 105°C) (PDF)
DuraCapDTKA - DTKA (Long Life 105°C) DuraCapDTKA : DTKA (Long Life 105°C) (PDF)
DuraCapDTKR - DTKR (SMPS Application) DuraCapDTKR : DTKR (SMPS Application) (PDF)
DuraCapDVPR - DVPR (SMPS Application) DuraCapDVPR : DVPR (SMPS Application) (PDF)
DuraCapMPEX - MPEX (Metallized Polyester) DuraCapMPEX : MPEX (Metallized Polyester) (PDF)
DuraCapMPER - MPER (Metallized Polyester) DuraCapMPER : MPER (Metallized Polyester) (PDF)
DuraCapWWPotentiometers - Wire Wound Potentiometers DuraCapWWPotentiometers : Wire Wound Potentiometers (PDF)
DuraCapSelectorSwitches - Selector Switches DuraCapSelectorSwitches : Selector Switches (PDF)

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