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California Insulated Wire & Cable (3)

Multi Conductor Cables

California Insulated Wire & Cable Founded In 1978.Since the beginning we have made it our goal to insure quality is never compromised. At California Insulated we specialize in Custom Multi Conductor Cables. Whether it’s a Mil-Spec Cable or a custom cable we can do it all. From Extruding to Shielding, Twisting to Striping and much more, our 48,000 Sq FT building is well equipped to handle all our customers’ requirements and expectations. For over 31 Years of serving the Wire and cable industry, we strongly believe that having a strong working relationship with our Customers is the true foundation of our success. California Insulated is Located at 3050 N. California St. in Burbank CA. Just 1 mile east of the Burbank Airport.

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PFA-Insulation - PFA Insulation PFA-Insulation : PFA Insulation (PDF)
Mil-r-68551 - MIL-R-6855 spec - July Post 7-31-15 /Custom Cable, MIL-R-6855 Mil-r-68551 : MIL-R-6855 spec (PDF)
PFA-Insulation - PFA Insulation - August Post -2015/Custom Cable, PFA PFA-Insulation : PFA Insulation (PDF)

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