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Chipstar Microelectronics (5)

Microelectronics Products

Chipstar Microelectronics Limited (Chipstar Microelectronics Limited). Companies to mobile phones, LCD-TV and other consumer market-based, focused on a variety of analog and digital-analog hybrid IC design and research. Shanghai Zhi Pu Xin Microelectronics products covered Class AB audio, Class D Audio, Power Reset, power management, WLED Driver and so on.

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2914215250646 - Chipstar 音箱应用方案 - 技术文档 2914215250646 : Chipstar 音箱应用方案 (PDF)
291424285070 - 音频系列应用方案 - 技术文档 291424285070 : 音频系列应用方案 (PDF)
2023183299963 - CS8115 防破音优势 - 技术文档 2023183299963 : CS8115 防破音优势 (PDF)
2914254279375 - Chipstar音频功放优点 - 技术文档 2914254279375 : Chipstar音频功放优点 (PDF)
2914245686119 - Chipstar音频产品的兼容性设计推荐 - 技术文档 2914245686119 : Chipstar音频产品的兼容性设计推荐 (PDF)

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