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Electronic Components

Since its inception, has always focused on electronic components, sound development and manufacture of devices, ultrasonic devices and piezoelectric ceramic crystal and other micro-electro-acoustic field, the main products including sensors, speakers, buzzers, miniature microphone, receiver, ceramics yuan devices, etc., are widely used in the field of mobile communications equipment, automobiles and medical equipment in.

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57df746bf32f4 - 预览 - 公司月刊 57df746bf32f4 : 预览 (PDF)
577c9a6ee6395 - 下载月刊 - 公司月刊 577c9a6ee6395 : 下载月刊 (PDF)
56fb4ece72d56 - 下载月刊 - 公司月刊 56fb4ece72d56 : 下载月刊 (PDF)
56d52da76e88b - 下载月刊 - 公司月刊 56d52da76e88b : 下载月刊 (PDF)

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