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BB Battery (214)

Lead Acid Batteries Manufacturer

As one of the best quality battery manufacturers in the world, B.B. Battery was established in 1992 in China by its Taiwanese parent company. Under sophisticated management of Taiwanese team, with its dedication on Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery, offering the most reliable and valuable batteries into diversified markets.

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Datasheet PDF or ZIP
HR40-12(H type) - HR40-12H - HR Series HR40-12(H type) : HR40-12H (PDF)
HR40-12(F type) - HR40-12F - HR Series HR40-12(F type) : HR40-12F (PDF)
BP33-12(S type) - BP33-12S - BP Series BP33-12(S type) : BP33-12S (PDF)
BP33-12(H type) - BP33-12H - BP Series BP33-12(H type) : BP33-12H (PDF)
BP33-12(F type) - BP33-12F - BP Series BP33-12(F type) : BP33-12F (PDF)
BP35-12(S type) - BP35-12S - BP Series BP35-12(S type) : BP35-12S (PDF)
BP35-12(H type) - BP35-12H - BP Series BP35-12(H type) : BP35-12H (PDF)
BP35-12(F type) - BP35-12F - BP Series BP35-12(F type) : BP35-12F (PDF)
BPS33-12(S type) - BPS33-12S - BPS Series BPS33-12(S type) : BPS33-12S (PDF)
BPS33-12(H type) - BPS33-12H - BPS Series BPS33-12(H type) : BPS33-12H (PDF)
BPS33-12(F type) - BPS33-12F - BPS Series BPS33-12(F type) : BPS33-12F (PDF)
BPS35-12(S type) - BPS35-12S - BPS Series BPS35-12(S type) : BPS35-12S (PDF)
BPS35-12(H type) - BPS35-12H - BPS Series BPS35-12(H type) : BPS35-12H (PDF)
BPS35-12(F type) - BPS35-12F - BPS Series BPS35-12(F type) : BPS35-12F (PDF)

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