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AccroTool (1)

Manufacturer Of Engineered Products

Accrotool, Inc. is a contract manufacturer of engineered products used in a diverse range of applications such as defense, transportation, medical & safety equipment and instrumentation. Our production capabilities include High-speed Precision Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Custom Metal Fabrication, Finishing, Assembly, Metal Stamping, Painting, Welding and Silk Screening. We produce products such as bus bars, enclosures, brackets, chassis and various custom metal components The company was founded in 1972 by William F. Phillips, Sr. who remains a vital part of the company's daily operations. Under Bill's leadership, Accrotool has focused on building and nurturing personal relationships both externally with our customers, and internally with our most valuable asset, our employees. Superior craftsmanship, technical expertise and specialized attention to our customers' needs are the fundamental building blocks of our business model. Accrotool is ISO 9001:2008-certified and our team works daily to ensure that our quality and service continues to meet ISO requirements and our customers' expectations. While maintaining the family atmosphere, Accrotool has proven its commitment to growth and operational efficiencies through on-going investments in advanced machinery and information technology. In February 2013 the building adjacent to the main facility was acquired, providing space for expansion. This forward thinking improves product quality and our ability to respond to changing customer demands.

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