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AAPS (4)

Particle Accelerators Advanced Radiation Detection Systems

AAPS is building on the strong foundation of TRIUMF’s internationally recognized expertise in particle accelerators and advanced radiation detection systems to establish an applied research facility that develops and commercializes technologies emerging from worldwide subatomic research

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2015-01-05 NR-ITAP-Milestone VFINAL 0 - MORE> - News & Events 2015-01-05 NR-ITAP-Milestone VFINAL 0 : MORE> (PDF)
NR-2014-09-26-IIPW-FINAL - MORE> - News & Events NR-2014-09-26-IIPW-FINAL : MORE> (PDF)
20110318AAPS-News-Release-CAT-Scans-For-The-Earth-draft-Final - MORE > 20110318AAPS-News-Release-CAT-Scans-For-The-Earth-draft-Final : MORE > (PDF)
WD-News-Release-AAPS-Technology-March-17-2011 - MORE > WD-News-Release-AAPS-Technology-March-17-2011 : MORE > (PDF)

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