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AX07CF064 AX07CF064 ECAD Model Aeroflex ARM7 Microcontroller Family Original PDF
AX07CF064-80 AX07CF064-80 ECAD Model Aeroflex UTMC IC MCU 32-Bit ARM7TDMI RISC 64KB FLASH 50MHZ 3.3V 80TQFP Original PDF

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Abstract: ARM7 pin diagram
Text: Mixed-Signal Products AX07CF064 Product Summary ARM7® Microcontroller with Embedded Flash , available. IN D The AX07CF064 is a 32-bit MCU with embedded flash memory based on the ARM7TDMI core. The AX07CF064 is a sub-set of the popular AX07CF92 with reduced flash memory and functionality, intended for space- or cost-conscious applications. The AX07CF064 contains the following functions , Default Function* D EV Pin Number 2 nAS Rev 1- AX07CF064 -8/03 Block Diagram

PDF AX07CF064 384KB 10-bit, 16-bit, 50MHz 80-pin 430mW 50MHz) 1-AX07CF064-8/03 10-bit ARM7 pin diagram
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