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2009 - bcm5481

Abstract: zl30310 E1 HDB3 synchronizer ZLE30320 mpc8313 ZL30142 mpc8313 reference 1588 RS232 GPON OLT
Text: IEEE 1588 & SyncE Reference Design ZLE30320 PRODUCT PREVIEW The ZLE30320 reference design , requirements of Synchronous Ethernet. The ZLE30320 is based on Zarlink's ZL30310 IEEE 1588 Network , Operating as a server, the ZLE30320 will synchronize to electrical references and convert the frequency and time information into 1588 packets that are sent to clients. Operating as a client, the ZLE30320 will , GPON OLT and ONU/ ONT DSLAM Availability The ZLE30320 reference design is now available for

PDF ZLE30320 ZLE30320 ZL30310 ZL30142 ZL30142 XRT83SL30 9ZS217 bcm5481 E1 HDB3 synchronizer mpc8313 mpc8313 reference 1588 RS232 GPON OLT
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