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VSC9675 Vitesse Semiconductor Framer, T1|T3|M13 Standard Format, 304-TBGA Original PDF

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2000 - Accunet

Abstract: TR-43801 TR-303 multiplexing t1 frame to t3 frame VSC9680 VSC9675 TR-62411 R3000 MPC860 43801
Text: 3 DS-3 Framers with 84 T1 Framers VSC9675 Product Brief TimeStream Product Family Features: VSC9675 Block Diagram · Integrates up to 3 full featured DS3 framers and M13 multiplexers , General Description The VSC9675 belongs to Vitesse Semiconductors TimeStreamTM product family, designed for high-density communication solutions. The VSC9675 is an 84-channel T1 framer with integrated M13 , Division The VSC9675 is available with up to 3 DS3 framers with integrated M13 multiplexers

PDF VSC9675 VSC9675 32-bit MPC860, R3000 framSC9680. VSC9680 Accunet TR-43801 TR-303 multiplexing t1 frame to t3 frame VSC9680 TR-62411 R3000 MPC860 43801
2003 - Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: PHYSICAL LAYER PRODUCT NETWORK PRODUCT VSC9675 An 84-channel T1 Framer with Integrated M13 and , Carrier-class IP Telephony Switches VSC9675 BLOCK DIAGRAM: BENEFITS: Single Device Supporting up to 3 , PB-VSC9675-001 VSC9675 An 84-channel T1 Framer with Integrated M13 and Provides up to 3 Channels of T3 , The VSC9675 uses a unique; patent pending, scalable time-sliced state machine architecture with , density, low power design. Three methods for system-side connection to the VSC9675 are provided: AT&T

PDF VSC9675 84-channel VSC9675 VSC9680. VSC9680
2001 - 563D

Abstract: 1h31 56m1 VSC9675
Text: SEMICONDUCTOR CORPORATION VSC9675 Scalable Architecture Framing Engine with M13 Overview Features , WROHUDQFH WKHUPDOO\ HQKDQFHG SLQ 7%*$ SDFNDJH VSC9675 Block Diagram !'Ã8ypx9hhÃ9T "Ã8ypx9hhÃ9T" , 3.0 G56051-0 VSC9675 Databook, Advanced Product Information 4.0 G56051-0 Full release , QSDIU@9ÃDIÃUC@ÃVT6 G56051-0 Rev 4.0 Scalable Architecture Framing Engine with M13 VSC9675 , 'HVFULSWLRQV 3LQ 0RGH 6HOHFWLRQ Section 2.0 Overview of the VSC9675 Functional Description

PDF VSC9675 M13ICMD) VSC9675 563D 1h31 56m1
2000 - ECTF

Abstract: hdlc VSC9670 VSC9675 VSC9680 DMA engine
Text: for ATM cell transfers · Seamless interface to Vitesse' VSC9670 and VSC9675 Framers · IEEE 1149.1 , ATM using VSC9680 and VSC9675 45 MHz T3 LIU T3 PCI 32/64 33/66 MHZ SRAM VSC9680 HLDC VSC9675 LIU UTOPIA L2 T3 LIU ATM SAR VSC9680 in a DSLAM product PSTN Voice

PDF VSC9680 VSC9680 VSC967x VSC9675 ECTF hdlc VSC9670 VSC9675 DMA engine
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