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Abstract: smd marking code b3c
Text: Aithcui notice XI S U N S t. MIC O N D U C T O R . I N( V1T5C1008 8 8 3 C 128K x 8 S R A M

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PDF MIL-STD-883 128Kx MIL-STD-883 MT5C1008 5C1008 smd marking code b3c

Abstract: 109kc
Text: - " " _ ._- - jtv î;fs incorpüha i - . FEATURES 128K x 8 Static RAM with Chip Select Powerdown, Output Enable Auto-PowerdownTM Design Advanced CMOS Technology High Speed - to 15 ns maximum Low Power Operation Active: 550 mW (typical) at 25 ns Standby (typical): 5 mW (L7C108/109) 0.5 mW (L7C108-L/109-L) Data Retention at 2 V for Battery Backup Operation Available 100% Screened to MIL-STD-883, Class B Plug Compatible with Cypress CY7C108/109, IDT71024/71B024, Micron V1T5C1008 , Motorola MCM6226A

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PDF L7C108/109) L7C108-L/109-L) MIL-STD-883, CY7C108/109, IDT71024/71B024, V1T5C1008, MCM6226A 62L26A, CXK581020 32-pin 232Z2 109kc
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