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Abstract: 8858x ZAG2220-11S
Text: 1200 1750 Case: Metal, Terminal: Stud ZAG-11S ULE62388 ZAG2206-11S Ground terminal ZAG2210 , CSA LR40697 TÜV R30107 ULE62388 300 ZAG2220-11S CSA LR40697VR30107 UL E62388 CSA LR40697

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PDF ZAG2250-M 237x87x65 ZAC2230-ME E62388 ZAP-01 ZAP2210-01 ZAP2220-01 ZAP2230-01 160x150 299x5 8858x ZAG2220-11S
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Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: 1 ] ULE62388 ZUG2203-13AS CSALR40697 TLIV R30013 UL E62388 ZUG2206-13AS CSALR40697VR30013 3

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PDF ZDG2203-MS ZDG2210-MS ZUG-13AS ULE62388 ZUG2203-13AS CSALR40697 R30013 E62388 ZUG2206-13AS

Abstract: ZUB2206-00 187 series faston tab faston tab
Text: TDK EMI/RFI Filters INLET-SOCKET TYPE (3A to 10A) Series ZUB-H-FS ZU B2203-H-FS Shape Part No. Safety standard UL E62388 CSALR56668 TÜV R40030 ULE62388 Dimensions LxWx H (mm) [inches] 60.3 x 48 x 25 [2.374 x 1.890 x .984] 60.3 x 48 x 25 [2.374 x 1 .890 x . 984] Wèlght (9) 48 C3 ° \© / , H ) 5 Ground terminal Faston® ZUB2206-H-FS CSA LR56668 TÜV R40030 48 . Case: Metal, Input terminal: Receptacle (IEC. Pub 320, CEE. Pub 22), Output terminal: Faston® tab #250

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PDF B2203-H-FS E62388 CSALR56668 R40030 ULE62388 ZUB2206-H-FS LR56668 R40030 ZUB2203-H-F zub2203-00 ZUB2206-00 187 series faston tab faston tab
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